The 1st 2013 Beijing Olympic Music Awards to kick off in October



On May 29th, 2013, the signing ceremony of the “2013 Beijing Olympic Music Awards” between BODA and the Tongzhou District Government was held during the Sports Service Trade Conference of the Second CIFTIS. Present at the signing ceremony were CHEN Hong, Vice Mayor of the Beijing Municipal Government, JIANG Xiaoyu, Vice Chairman of BODA, LI Yingchuan, Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports and others. BODA’s Secretary-General WU Jingmi and YUE Peng, District Mayor of Tongzhou signed the agreement.

Establish boundary-crossing international brand and promote the construction of world city

The Beijing Olympic Music Awards is exclusively authorized by the IOC’s Culture and Olympic Education Commission and to give awards to Olympic music, and an international sports and culture exchange brand pioneered by the BODA. It will be run biennially. The 2013 Beijing Olympic Music Awards will kick off this October.

The tenet of this event is to spread and select the most outstanding, classical and impressive music works in the Olympic history, so as to stimulate musicians’ passion, uniting their power, richen Olympic music creation and enhance Olympic culture construction.

Beijing Olympic Music Awards, as a music festival to promote Olympic undertaking, will increase the influence of Beijing’s culture brand, and speed up the process of Beijing’s building into a cultural capital with socialism of Chinese characteristics and a world city.

Enhance Olympic wealth transformation and promote the influence of capital’s culture

During the preparations for the Beijing Olympic Games, BOCOG organized musicians home and abroad to create a batch of outstanding Olympic songs and various musical works, becoming an integral part of People’s Olympic wealth.

After the Beijing Olympics, according to experts invited by BODA, the creation of Olympic musical works reached a peak during the Olympic Games, and many of them are popular and outstanding. Along time goes, those works have gradually formed unique Olympic cultural phenomenon with increasingly rich forms and themes.

In 2010, BODA, with its tenet of “Carry on Olympic Spirit, Build a Better City”, combined Olympics with music, creatively put forward the “Olympic Music Awards”, and applied to the IOC. Two years later, IOC approved the application. Then, BODA and Dongzhou District Government decided to jointly organize the “2013 Beijing Olympic Music Awards” firstly in Tongzhou.


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