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The Color Run will Land in China and will be Started in Beijing Garden Show Park on August 10


China News, Beijing, July 2 (Chen Jian, Reporter) Run in 128 beautiful gardens of 69 cities in Mainland China and 29 countries on five continents, spread the colorful edible starch into the air, and sprinkle it onto the children… The Color Run that originated in the USA will land in China, and its first activity will be staged in Beijing Garden Show Park in the afternoon of August 10. All the participants will experience a “colorful summer” in the beautiful Garden Show Park.

The Color Run is an entertainment originating in the USA in 2011. The running distance is 5 kilometers. The usual participants are families and friends, and they will run, walk and play during the activity, and laugh all the time. Compared with the traditional running racing, this event pays more attention to “participating, entertainment and color”. In last year, more than 0.6 million persons participated in the event around the world, and in 2013, it is estimated that nearly 2 million people will attend the events to be held in 100 cities around the world.

In this year, the Development Promotion Center of Beijing Olympic city, IMG Corp. introduces “The Color Run” into China, and the first activity will be held in Beijing Garden Show Park on August 10. The color run in Garden Show Park will be the first to be held in China, and will be the annual fixed project of Garden Show Park.

Adam Zhu, Vice Chairman in APAC, Chairman and CEO in Greater China of the authorized party, IMG Group said, “The overall length of the Color Run in Beijing Garden Show Park is 5 kilometers, and compared with the same events held in dozens of cities in the world, the scenery along the way of this event is the best. While enjoying the dynamic and colorful events, the participants can also appreciate the beautiful sceneries in 128 gardens of 69 cities in Mainland China and 29 countries on five continents.”

According to the international conventions, the zone of departure, color station and destinations section are set. In the zone of departure, the participants will get a carry-on bag which consists of a white T-shirt, a package of colorful powder, a disposable raincoat, bracelets for the event, color stickers, environmental protecting garbage bags and so on, and they will set off according the stipulated route group after group at different times. In the event, one color station is set per kilometer, with colors of the powder being yellow, green, red and blue respectively. The powder in the carry-on bag is purple. When the participants arrive at the station, the workers and volunteers will spread the color powder onto them. In the destinations section, the presenters will organize the arrivers to play games, distribute gifts, shed the color powder… and hold a happy party. The number of the participants of this event is expected to be 10 thousand.

According to the sponsor, the Color Run highlights the theory of going green and environmental protection which is aligned with that the Garden Show Park proposed. In the event, the powder for spilling is edible starch made of 100% pure natural material, thus it is harmless to human and environment; in order to ensure that the participants can arrive by subway, the point of departure is set in the Lugou Bridge automobile camping, 50 meters away from the subway station. The sponsor will prepare disposable raincoats for the participants, and advise them to wear the raincoat when they are returning to avoid passing the color to other passengers around them. The most parts of the route for this event are in the Park, with little influence on the traffic in the surrounding area.

It is reported that, another Color Run will be held in Singapore on August 17, a week after the event held in Garden Show Park.

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