BODA organizes to watch The Story of Zhou Enlai


As an activity of the Party’s mass line education & practice campaign, Wu Jingmi, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of BODA and Director; Han Wen and Wu Weilin, members of the Party Leadership Group of BODA and Vice Directors, as well as other BODA staffs, watched the movie, The Story of Zhou Enlai, on the afternoon of 22nd August.

The movie vividly showed us that Premier Zhou revealed the “white lie” of commune’s cadre and was finally aware of the real living situations of the masses, mainly reflected that the first-generation leading group of the CPC, while confronted with massive natural disaster, shared the same fate of the masses and adhered to a down-to-earth working style, as well as that Chinese famers made selfless contributions to share the nation’s burdens. It was a patriotic film of rich ideological implication and great education significance.

After watching the movie, the secretary of the 3rd Party Branch Committee stated that we should learn from the first-generation leading group and fully carry forward practical tradition and working style; we should learn from extensive farmers to unswervingly follow the Party with dream of national prosperity; we should learn more from leading characters to find out what really happened by ourselves, and what’s wrong with ourselves, push the Party’s mass line education & practice campaign forward, and put the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China into all the work, and make our contributions to realize the “Chinese dream”.


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