BODA holds symposium on the Party’s mass line education & practice campaign for opinion solicitation


According to deployments by the CPC Central Committee and the Beijing Municipal CPC Committee, BODA held the symposium on the Party’s mass line education & practice campaign for opinion solicitation on the afternoon of 28th August. Wu Jingmi, Secretary of Party Leadership Group of BODA, Director and Head of the Party’s mass line education & practice campaign leading group, chaired the meeting.

At the symposium, attendees put forward many opinions and suggestions for existing questions during implementing the Party’s mass line and future developments & directions of BODA. All attendees unanimously agreed that mainly fighting against “four decadent work styles” (formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagance) is the focal point of carrying out the mass line education & practice campaign: to keep enhancing Party’s progressiveness and purity and remain the flesh-and-blood ties between the Party and the people with dealing with the “four decadent work styles” as breakout; to meet reasonable requirements of the masses as much as possible, build sound and long-acting mechanism to serve the masses, pay much attention to those most direct and practical problems which the masses concern about, give full play to collective wisdom, pioneering spirit and working enthusiasm of the masses; to firmly establish the “mass concept” as basic principle of BODA, deep recognize new trends, characteristics and requirements confronted by mass work, put an end to formalism and open up new working thoughts so as to make Olympic wealth rooted in and serve the mass, and promote the sound developments of our undertakings with the masses.

At the meeting, Wu stated that he had never heard some suggestions before although his door was always open, and he felt his cheeks “flush red” and “sweating”. He expressed his appreciation for trust, care and help of attendees for every leader. He added that such symposium should be convened in various forms in future, in order to be timely aware of the masses’ requirements, enhance the ties with the masses, help firmly establish the aim of serving the people wholeheartedly, improve working methods, satisfy the masses, and ensure the substantial results of the Party’s mass line education & practice campaign.


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