Garden cosmos in full bloom in Olympic Forest Park this autumn


The “2nd Flower Tour - Garden Cosmos Exhibition in Autumn” will kick off in North Park of Olympic Forest Park from 28th September to 28th October in 2013.


During the time, garden cosmos aninnia in hundred mu will blossom in the Flower Landscape, and form an endless piece of flower sea. The garden cosmos exhibition area is in the west Flower Landscape, where blooming garden cosmos wave gently and gracefully in the wind. How idyllic it is!

The garden cosmos is also called Gesang, Qiu Ying (autumn cherry), Baban Mei (eight-petal plum flower), etc. With elegant petal shape and rich colors, it becomes famous ornamental plant. Originating from plateau areas in Tibet and Qinghai, the garden cosmos is regarded as pure flower of love and happiness for its beauty but freshness, gentleness yet tall and straight, inclination to sunlight but also coldness endurance. The “Gesang” means happiness in Tibetan, so is also called “Happy Flower”.


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