The 10th World Conference on Sport and the Environment is Held on Sochi


According to official website of International Olympics Committee report on 30th, October, the 10th World Conference on Sport and the Environment is held on Sochi (Russia), the same place with the 22nd Winter Olympics Games.

With the calling of the subject “change today and create tomorrow together”, the famous environmentalists, scholars, key government officials and sports experts made a series of discussion, including the sustainable development of Sochi (Russia) Olympics Games heritage and Rio de Janeiro Olympics Games landscaping, and the United Nations’effect on handling the Olympics Games heritage, etc..

Spokesmen of the conference comprise Raha Moharrak, the first female arrives at Mount Zhumulangma from Saudi Arabia, and Lewis, the ocean protector of United Unions Environment Planning (UNEP), and he is also the first one who swimming for a long distance in every ocean in the world.

On the three-day opening ceremony of the World Conference on Sport and the Environment, the chairman of International Olympics Committee, Bach, calls for representatives to strive for bringing a typical change for the environment protection and sustainable development.

“The sports carry on the responsibility all the time and set up typical examples with many like-minded partners.” Bach said, “The Olympic Games has showed the sports how to reduce environment effect to the international society. We are looking for the solution to realize sustainable development by providing practical guidance and strategy.”

The opening ceremony attendees include, the Russian vice-premier Dmitry Kozak, Russian Olympics Committee Alexander Zhukov, the member of 20124 Sochi Organizing Committee Dmitry Chernyshenko and the International Cooperation and Development Committee director of International Olympics Committee Thomas Sithole.

The Russian vice-premier Dmitry Kozak emphasized on the World Conference on Sport and the Environment that, the Russia strictly carrying out the obligation that protect and developing the Sochi ecological environment, meanwhile and bringing in the advanced greening innovation technology, for example, enlarge the National Park in Sochi, construct nature bird park, finish the planting plan of tree and strictly implement greening standard when building the Olympic venues, etc..

Kozak indicates that, currently, the preparation for Sochi Winter Olympic Games coming into the end. The Russia believes that they have the ability to completely implement the obligation of protecting the ecological environment.


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