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Olympic Champions’ Wall facilitates the first class ?Chinese Olympic Champions’ Wall Campus Tour Activity of London Olympic Games Starts Today

In early autumn, the sky is clear in Beijing. The campus that has been silent for a whole summer holiday is awakened again by the strong and vigorous figures, hearty laughter and the sound of reading. In September when the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games came to an end, a new semester begins. The “Chinese Olympic Champions’ Wall Campus Tour” activity, co-hosted by Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA), Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and Beijing Volunteer Federation (BVF), was formally launched.

“Olympic Champions’ Wall” is the first large landscape in Beijing themed on portraits of Chinese champions in London Olympic Games. In the “3rd Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival 2012” held a few days ago, to express the wishes to China’s Olympic athletes and share the honor of Olympic gold medal, BODA set up a group of imposing “walls of Olympic champions” in the Olympic Park at the first time through cooperation with reporters in London Olympic Games. Upon completion of each Olympic event, the portrait of the Chinese athlete who won the gold medal would be immediately set up. As a unique scenery, these portraits became a highlight on the Summer Square for National Fitness during the festival, attracting many citizens and visitors to pose for photos with the champions to express their best wishes to the Chinese Olympic team and the encouragement to themselves.

It is learnt that Beijing Yucai School, Mentougou Dayu Middle School, Niulanshan No.1 High School of Shunyi District, Shichahai Elementary School, Huangchenggen Primary School, Yuxiang Primary School will become the first-batch stops of the tour. On September 11, the “Olympic Champions’ Wall”, starting from Yuxiang Primary School, will allow the pupils to feel the elegant spirit of Olympic champions and the glory of the Olympic games, and inspire the teenagers with the patriotic spirit, the spirit of fighting, the meaning of hard training and the strong will of the Olympic champions, to take the champions as an example, study hard and strive to be pioneers

Ever since its establishment, the BODA has always dedicated to the promotion and popularization of youth Olympic sports and culture education. It advocates the combination of sports, culture and education and stresses on promoting the physical and mental development of teenagers through spreading the Olympic dreams from a new angle and in a new way. Since 2010, BODA and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports have continuously carried out the “sport, happiness and health”-themed “Olympic City Cup” Beijing Primary and Secondary School Campus Football Game, and by virtue of the Olympic platform, extensively carried out a series of rich and vigorous Olympic education activities including the “Premier Skills” PE teacher training class, “Barca's La Masia Youth Training Camp”, “Bai Dui Cup” Youth Football Game, International Youth Football Camp and Olympic Winter Camp. These activities have improved the physical health and fitness of students, advocated health lifestyles, fostered the youth’s sportsmanship of fighting and cooperation, and inspired the primary and secondary school students to take part in physical exercises, set up team spirit and train their will.

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