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“Olympic City Cup” 2011 Beijing Primary and Secondary School Campus Football Game launched

In the afternoon of March 26, in Shibalidian Middle School of Chaoyang District, six giant inflated footballs rose in the air and hundreds of colorful balloons flied to the sky in early spring, shining the green football field. The cheerful girls and boys were passing the footballs in hands. 2011 “Olympic City Cup” Beijing Primary and Secondary School Campus Football Game, themed by “Sport, Happiness and Health”, was officially launched. Liu Jingmin, Deputy Mayor of Beijing and Executive Vice President of Beijing Olympic City Development Association(BODA), and Jiang Xiaoyu, Deputy Director of CPPCC Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports and Vice President of BODA attended the ceremony, as well as the related responsible personnel from Municipal Commission of Education, Municipal Bureau of Sports and the Government of Chaoyang District, Beijing. Such sports celebrity representatives as world champion of speed skating Ye Qiaobo and Olympic shooting champion Yang Ling entered into the campus and took part in the activity with teacher and student representatives from Chaoyang District.






Liu Jingmin made a speech on the ceremony. He said, “Beijing is an Olympic City. The campus football game is named after “Olympic City Cup” for the purpose of carrying on Olympic Spirits and promoting the youngsters’ growing happily and healthily, so that the boys and girls can deeply realize the Olympic Spirits of “pursuit of excellence, mutual respect, teamwork, perseverance and fair competition” via the football competition.”

Liu Jingmin firmly affirmed the significance of “Olympic City Cup” Beijing Primary and Secondary School Campus Football Game which started in 2010. According to him, on the basis of actively guaranteeing the development and utilization of Olympic legacy and fully integrating the social resources, in the first “Olympic City Cup”, more than 500 campus football teams and 40,000 teenagers were successively organized to participate in the football game and the football culture communication and penetration activities, so it has been received and highly thought of among the primary and secondary school teachers and students, therefore bringing a broad influence in the society.

Mr. Liu Jingmin mainly introduced the overall plan of Beijing campus football work of 2011. “This year, we will integrate the resources of three events in education and sports systems of the whole city and uniformly name them with “Olympic City Cup” 2011 Beijing Primary and Secondary School Campus Football Game, making an overall planning and coordination and uniformly propagandizing, to expand the event scale and influence further, moreover, a variety of football promotion activities such as Youth Football Day,  International Junior Football Camp, Football Entering Campus, Migrant Children’s Football Game will be held throughout the year, helping the teenagers to understand the football culture and make them love the football” he emphasized.

Zheng E, vice director of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, and Li Jinkang, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, each delivered a speech. They expressed congratulations to the launching of “Olympic City Cup” Beijing Primary and Secondary School Campus Football Game and hoped that all teenagers across the city would participate in various events of “Olympic City Cup” to get exercise, temper their will, unite and cooperate with each other, and cultivate their temperament. A student representative from Shibalidian Middle School of Chaoyang District, the champion of “Olympic City Cup” 2010 Campus Football Game, read out the proposal “Happy Football for Millions of Teenagers” on site, calling students to go out of the classroom to get exercise every day and to enjoy the charm of football. 

On the launching ceremony, a friendly competition was held between the star team composed of such famous football players as Sui Dongliang, Shang Yi, Xu Yang, Cao Xiandong, Li Dongbo, Nan Fang, Han Xu and Liu Ailing and the football team from Shibalidian Middle School, the team champion of Secondary School Group in “Olympic City Cup” 2010 Campus Football Game. The competition was coordinated by famous host Song Jiansheng from sports channel of BTV for friendship.

“Sport, Happiness, Health” “Olympic City Cup” Beijing Primary and Secondary School Campus Football Game 2011 was cosponsored by Beijing Olympic City Development Association, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports and undertaken by BTV Children’s Channel, Beijing Football Administration Center, and Beijing Student Activity Administration Center. The organizers hoped to develop “Olympic City Cup” into a brand project of Olympic City integrating Olympic education, youth quality education, social benefit, International exchange in three to five years.

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