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Shuttlecock competition held successfully

On April 22, Primary and Secondary School Student Shuttlecock Competition, one of the 2012 Olympic Education Activities in Primary and Secondary Schools of Beijing was held at Beijing Ditan Gymnasium.

Approximately 500 students from 36 schools, including 22 primary schools and14 secondary schools, in 14 districts and counties participated in the contest. After fierce competition, the top 8 positions of each group were held. Miaocheng Middle School in Huairou District took the crown as a team in the Secondary School Group, and Housun Park Primary School in Xicheng District won the team championship of the Primary School Group.

Since the launch of the Olympic Education Activities, primary and secondary schools around Beijing have carried out diversified and characteristic large-scale recess sports activities according to their conditions, making sure at least one-hour exercise of each student. As a result, actively doing exercise has become a part of students’ life, in the process of which, they enjoy the happiness of sports and developed the awareness of life-time fitness.

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