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losing Ceremony of “Premier Skills” Beijing Primary and Secondary Schools’ PE Teacher Training held


On August 25, the teacher trainees participating in the activity of “Premier Skills” raised their coaches up. On the day, the Closing Ceremony of “Premier Skills” PE Teacher Training, one of 2012 Olympic education activities in primary and secondary schools of Beijing  was held at the football field of Capital University of Physical Education and Sports. In the six-day closed training, 40 PE teachers from primary and secondary schools of Beijing received the guide from the coaches of Premier League. Since 2011, Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA) has invited football coaches and players from Premier League to train the PE teachers from primary and secondary schools of Beijing on site, teaching them football skills and coach experience. At present, nearly 300 teachers have participated in the training. By Xinhua News Agency (Photographer Guo Haipeng)

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