Stockholm Gave Up Bid for 2022 Winter Olympics


According to Xinhua News Agency, Stockholm determined to give up bid for 2022 Winter Olympics on 17th. Jan, for city council votes against this proposal.

In 1912, Stockholm hosted Summer Olympic Games. If it could win this biding, Stockholm would become the first city for hosting both the Summer and Winter Olympics in the same city. However, members of Stockholm city council thought hosting Olympic Games would be such a huge investment, and there were little use value of Olympic venues after games, so they cast opposing votes for this proposal.

Stockholm proposed to bid for 2022 Winter Olympics in November last year, but gave up in the end. Now the cities for biding are Beijing and Zhang Jiakou of China, working on a joint bid, Oslo of Norwegian, Lvov of Ukraine, Alma-Ata of Kazakhstan and Krakow of Poland.

International Olympic Committee will select the city to host 2022 Winter Olympics by ballot in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia on July 31, 2015 when the 127th plenary session is to be held.


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