Jiang Xiaoyu Gives an Interview to British Financial Times



On the afternoon of January 27, Jiang Xiaoyu, Vice-Chairman of Beijing Olympic City Development Association gave an interview to Beijing office correspondent of British Financial Times.

Jiang xiaoyu introduced the important role of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games played in improving China and Beijing’s international images, accelerating the pace of city development and social progress and also it promoted the development on economy, culture and sports.

Jiang xiaoyu also noted that Beijing and Zhang Jiakou, Hebei province have already been jointly applying to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics, with the expectation for creating new opportunity for mutual integration and development of Chinese nation and Olympic games by holding 2022 winter Olympic; fulfill the new dream of hosting both the Summer and Winter Olympics in the same city; show the new energy of the sustainable development of economy, society, cultural and environment in Beijing and its neighboring regions, which are benefited from hosting Winter Olympics.


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