Xi Jinping Holds Talks with IOC Chairman: China Makes Efforts to Be a Strong Sports Power


When holding talks with Chairman Bach of IOC, Xi Jinping stressed that China was making great efforts to be a strong sports power.

Sochi, Russia, February 6 Xinhuanet ( reported by correspondents Qian Tong and Yue Lianguo) In the 6th evening by local time, upon invitation of Chairman Bach of IOC, President Xi Jinping attended the reception in Sochi to appreciate distinguished guests of various countries for their attendances at the opening ceremony and related activities of the 22nd Winter Olympics. President Xi made friendly conversation with Bach there.

Xi Jinping underlined his special trip to attend the opening ceremony of Winter Olympics in Sochi showed that Chinese government attached great importance and support on the International Olympic Games. I wished complete success to this Winter Olympics.

Xi Jinping said China had already proposed to bid 2022 Winter Olympics after having successfully hosted Beijing Olympics in 2008. It would certainly help to promote the popularity and development of winter sports in China, and also contribute to carry forward the Olympic spirits. In August this year, the 2nd Youth Olympic Games were going to be held in Nanjing and on the occasion we would welcome Chinaman Bach to come to China to attend related activities.

Xi Jinping stated China had made significant progress in sports cause over time. Chinese athletes won good scores frequently in international competitions, but still lagged behind in some other sports. Therefore, classified guidance should be started with children to improve the level of competitive sports in a down-to-earth manner and promote mass sports constantly with the aim to make China a sports power from a powerful sports country.

Bach appreciated Xi Jinping for his attendance at the opening ceremony of Winter Olympics in Sochi. He noted China made great contribution to the development of International Olympic Games by having successfully hosted Beijing Olympics. He believed China’s bidding for 2022 Winter Olympics was bound to improve the level of its winter sports. IOC was very satisfied with China’s preparation for Youth Olympic Games to be held in Nanjing and I was looking forward to attending the opening ceremony.  

Bach spoke highly of the progress made by China in sports cause and believed China would realize its dream to be a sports power.

During reception, Xi Jinping also made conversations with world leaders, members of IOC and directors of National Olympic Committee from various countries, exchanging views on bilateral relations with some countries and development of sports cause.


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