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Brazilian football officials visit BODA

On the afternoon of May 23, a 6-member Brazilian delegation led by Mr. Luis Antonio Paulino, National Secretary for Football and Supporters Rights visited Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA). Mr. Jiang Xiaoyu, Vice President of BODA had an in-depth negotiation with the delegation about the experience of holding the Olympics and the future cooperation between the two sides.

Jiang extended his graduations to Brazil for hosting 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. Later, he introduced the experience of Beijing of hosting 2008 Olympics and the achievements made by BODA in inheriting and using the legacies of the Olympics. During the 2-hour talks, the delegation members raised questions about the organization, news propaganda, cultural activities, volunteering and market development concerning the Olympics and made records carefully.

Mr. Paulino indicated that Beijing Olympics was a roaring success, and its experience was of great significance for the holding of 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. He hoped that both sides could keep contacts and promote the communication and cooperation in sports and other fields.

Mr. Ricardo Racer, National Secretary for High Performance Sport of Brazil thought that Beijing Olympics was organized based on the benefits and demands of the citizens, which was a kind of very important experience for Brazil. While meeting the strict requirements of IOC, Beijing showed the time-honored Chinese culture to the world at the same time, which, according to Mr. Racer, was very smashing. The preparation and organization of Beijing Olympics have been recognized by the world and won a wide concern. “The experience of Beijing is very useful for us. I hope that there will be more opportunities for us to learn from Beijing,” said Mr. Racer.

Jiang indicated that BODA would try its best to support Brazil, and would organize relevant experts to Brazil for exchange and guidance. Meanwhile, he invited Brazil to participate in the “Aocheng Cup” Campus Football Game in Primary and Secondary Schools next year. The delegation accepted the invitation with pleasure and said they would develop a list of questions as soon as possible for the experts’ visit to Brazil. At last, Jiang presented a set of English books about Beijing Olympics to the delegation.

Zhao Wei, Vice Secretary General of BODA attended the meeting.

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