2014’ “Mastery of EPL” Football Teacher Training Course Is Completed


Original Title: 2014’ “Mastery of EPL” Football Teacher Training Course Is Completed


On September 14, juvenile soccer players carry out combat training under the guidance of their teachers. On the same day, “Mastery of EPL”  Football Teacher Training Course is completed, which is committed to extensive cultivation of youth football education backbone for the purpose of promoting football sport in Beijing-based primary and secondary schools by means of improving grassroots soccer teachers’ professional level.

During September 9-15, more than 40 sports teachers of primary and secondary schools in 16 districts and counties accept “Mastery of EPL”  Football Teacher Training Course. In seven-day closed-end training period, teachers are instructed by three EPL coaches, and absorb the knowledge about leadership art, skills training, fitness methods, nutrition science, sports affairs management and other aspects.

As a part of 2014’ Beijing Olympic Primary and Secondary Education Series Campaign, “Mastery of EPL”  Football Teacher Training is jointly launched by Beijing Olympic City Development Association and Beijing Municipal Education Commission. Since 2010, EPL coaches are invited to go to Beijing and offer training for grassroots football teachers for five consecutive years. Up to now, there are a total of 200 trainees, and nearly 50,000 juveniles benefit from this.

Photo by reporter Xu Ye


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