“JAS Run” in Support of Bid for 2022’ Winter Olympics Is Held


In order to enrich the citizens’ sports and cultural life, attracts all sectors of the society to participate in public activities, advocate healthy, fashionable and eco-friendly lifestyle, promote national fitness campaign and help the bid for the 2022’ Winter Olympics, “JAS Run” (a charity project event), organized by Beijing Olympic City Development and Samaranch Foundation, sponsored by Beijing Municipal Committee of Jiu San Society, Anta Group and Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. and supported by National Olympic Sports Center, is held at Olympic Sports Center on September 20.

Ma Dalong (Member of Standing Committee of National Committee of the CPPCC, Deputy Director of the CPPCC Committee of Population, Resources and Environment, Vice Chairman of Jiu San Society Central Committee, Chairman of Beijing Municipal Committee of Jiu San Society and Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Beijing Municipal Committee) and more than 500 sports enthusiasts from the Olympic Family and Jiu San Society take part in this event.

“JAS Run” High-tech Running Platform consists of terminal data collection, data processing center, mobile terminal data presentation and interactive community, and these four components are mainly completed through specially developed mobile terminal APP. Through this APP, runners can review their own sports data and sports conditions at any time, and can choose suitable sports status to protect the wholesomeness and efficiency of running. More importantly, runners can also freely set up public-benefit running teams. When public-benefit running teams run to preset kilometer target, charity enterprises will immediately package donation goods or transfer funds to designated beneficiaries. The biggest feature of this project is integrating science and technology, sport and public benefit and breaking through traditional Chinese way of charity, which is aimed to promote running sport and achieve sport-focused public purpose of “You Run, I Donate”.


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