Sergey Bubka is Standing for the Election of IOC President


Beijing, May 29 (Xinhua News Agency) - Sergey Bubka, the 49-year-old former Olympic champion and the famous pole vault player of Ukrainian officially announced his standing for the election of the next IOC President the other day.

So far, Bubka has become the sixth candidate of the next IOC President, and he is also the youngest one. The other five candidates are: Thomas Bach (Germany), Ng Ser Miang (Singapore), Wu Ching-kuo (Taiwan), Richard L. Carrion (Puerto Rico), and Denis Oswald (Switzerland).

Bubka was selected as one of the members of the IOC Executive Committee in 2000, served as the chairman of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee in 2005. He is also the vice-chairman of the IAAF. In addition to the Olympic pole-vault champion, he has also won six other world champions; the world record of pole vault achieved by him has not been broken so far.  


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