Liu Qi Meets with Bach


On 19th, November, the president of Beijing Olympics City Development Association, Liu Qi met with the chairman of the International Olympics Committee, Thomas Bach’s group.

Liu Qi Said that Bach’s visiting fully embodied the International Olympics Committee’s attention to the development of the China and Beijing Olympic Games. After hosting the Beijing Olympic Games, the Beijing city and whole China have a deeper feeling about the Olympic Games, Olympic spirits and the great promotion to the social economy development by Olympics Games. It is significant for Beijing city and Zhangjiakou city jointly bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics Games to promote the sports development on ice and snow. The Olympics Development Association is included. We will spare no efforts to prepare for the bidding.

Bach said that very glad to recall the sweet time in 2008 Olympics Games with you. The Olympics spirits have been deeply cultivated into Beijing’s citizen’s heart, which’s important for Beijing to bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics Games.

In the meeting, Bach invited Liu Qi to attend the 2014 Winter Olympics Games on Sochi.


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