International Olympic Committee (IOC) Expresses Regret for Withdrawal of Oslo’s Bid for the Winter Games 2022

Source:2014-10-10—On October 1 (local time), Oslo withdraws from the bid for the Winter Olympics 2022 as a result of the government’s refusal to provide financial support. International Olympic Committee expresses regret for withdrawal of Oslo on its official website.

On October 1, International Olympic Committee publishes a statement on such matter on its official website. IOC sports director Christophe Dubi comments: “For Oslo City and Norwegians known for enthusiasm for winter sports, this will be a missed good opportunity. Especially for those outstanding Norwegian athletes, they will have no chance to set new Olympic highs in their motherland”.

According to Dubi, International Olympic Winter Games will sponsor USD 880 million for the Winter Olympics 2022. Now Oslo loses the opportunity to made use of this revenue, which could have left valuable asset for the people. Vancouver Winter Olympics and Sochi Winter Olympics have reached break-even point or actually make a profit.

Dolby points out that in the early 2014, the Norwegian Olympic Bidding Committee requested to hold a meeting with International Olympic Committee and discuss about specific requirements put forward by International Olympic Committee (including details of funds). International Olympic Committee arranged for meeting with three candidate cities in fair manner. But it is disappointing that Oslo didn’t dispatch senior officials or government officials of the Norwegian Olympic Bidding Committee to attend the meeting. Therefore, the Norwegian senior officials have no accurate understanding of the specific bid process so that they make a decision although they fail to know about all the facts.

“As a great country with a lot of excellent athletes and crazy winter sports enthusiasts, Oslo withdraw from bid for the Winter Olympics 2000 is regrettable, as Oslo misses a good opportunity to invest in their own future and showcase itself to the world”, Dubi says, “We will work closely with the Norwegian Olympic Committee, and ensure that Lillehammer Winter Youth Olympic Games 2016 will be held smoothly”.

Up to now, Norway has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, i.e., Oslo Winter Olympics in 1952 and Lillehammer Winter Olympics in 1994.

Oslo is the fourth city withdrawing from the bid for the Winter Olympics 2022. Previously, Stockholm (Sweden), Krakow (Poland) and Lviv (Ukraine) gradually withdrew from the bid.

Currently, the remaining official candidate cities are Beijing (China) and Almaty (Kazakhstan).


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