“Chinese Campus Sports DreamWorks Project” is Launched





With parents for sparring and Li Nan (former captain of Chinese National Men's Basketball Team) and other professionals as physical education teachers, training in the game and understanding the sport spirit and culture in the sport...On October 14, ten junior high school students of Tianjin Nankai Middle School enjoy a brand-new physical education class in Tianjin Children’s Palace.

This is the first training class of “Chinese Campus Sports DreamWorks Project”, which implies that “Chinese Campus Sports DreamWorks Project” & Chinese School Physical Education Project have been officially launched.

This project is sponsored by the Chinese Society of Education, for which Beijing Olympic City Development Association provides cooperative support. Dai Jiagan (Vice President of the Chinese Society of Education) and Jiang Xiaoyu (Vice President of Beijing Olympic City Development Association) deliver the speeches at the launching ceremony, respectively.

“Chinese Campus Sports DreamWorks Project” aims to revolutionize decade-long physical education mode for young students and preschool children. Different from traditional school physical education classes, “Chinese Campus Sports DreamWorks Project” integrates sports activities, games, contests and other contents with National Quality-oriented Education for All-round Development, which not only improves young students’ physical fitness and sports skills, but also develops their positive energy values and healthy personality.

In addition to cultivating parents and volunteers to become children’s Physical Education Mentors, “Chinese Campus Sports DreamWorks Project” will also hire the influential persons of sports sector and other public service sectors to serve as “Dream mentors” and give physical education classes for children in campuses and communities on a regular basis every year, tell the growth stories on the sports arena through talk face to face, and radiate positive energy for “China Dream”.

The Chinese Society of Education and professional partners will develop and issue lifelong health evaluation standards of “Chinese Campus Sports DreamWorks Project” in line with the Chinese young students’ characteristics, and provide participants with basic skills level certification.

As one of the most favorite sports for youngsters and the most suitable mass sport events for joint participation of parents and children, basketball is selected by “Chinese Campus Sports DreamWorks Project” as startup sport. Tianjin is designated as startup city because it is birthplace of China’s basketball and campus basketball. Next, other sports and cities will be selected by “Chinese Campus Sports DreamWorks Project” to carry on.


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