Xinhua News Agency: Civilization Magazine Launches Special Issue Winter Olympics — Ice and Snow Culture in Beijing


Specialsports dispatch from Beijing, February 1, Xinhua News Agency - With the ChineseNew Year of the monkey just around the corner, Civilization magazine has teamedup with the Beijing Olympic City Development Association to launch a specialissue entitled Winter Olympics — Ice andSnow Culture in Beijing on February 1, in the hope of promoting the journeyof integration between traditional Chinese culture of the Spring Festival andthe Olympic culture.

OnJuly 31, 2015, Beijing and Zhangjiakou were granted the right to host the 2022 OlympicWinter Games. According to Beijing Candidature File, the 24th OlympicWinter Games is to be held during the Chinese New Year of 2022, by which timepeople from across the world will get a taste of the rich culture of SpringFestival in the name of Olympics.

The Winter Olympics—Ice and Snow Culture inBeijing special issue demonstrates the ice and snow cultures of the eastand the west as well as the history of 22 editions of the Olympic Winter Gameswith some 200 images, and gives a vivid projection of the magnificence ofBeijing 2022. The special issue will be packed with visual impact.

LouXiaoqi, head of the Civilization magazine, indicated his hope of expanding theinfluence and accessibility of Beijing 2022 both at home and overseas bypresenting the charisma of the Olympic culture and Chinese New Year culturecombined. The aim is to disseminate the festive cultures of China and toinspire the public, youths in particular, to get involved in ice and snowsports and share the culture of Chinese New Year.

Civilizationmagazine was founded in December 2001 and in the same year, the special issue Olympic Flame Enlightens Beijing waspublished. From there on out, Civilization won the support and license from theIOC to launch a total of nine special collection issues entitled New Beijing,New Olympics, and the special issue Olympic Declaration.


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