RBC Bilingual Student Reporters National Contest Kicks Off


The 8th Youth English Competition and Radio BeijingCorporation (RBC) Bilingual Student Reporters National Contest formally kickedoff on February 25, 2016. The event was attended and unveiled by Zhai Huisheng,Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of All-China JournalistsAssociation, and Jiang Xiaoyu, Vice-President of the BeijingOlympic City Development Association (BODA).

The Youth English Competition has had seven editions since 2009. Insupport of the preparations for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing2022, RBC themed this competition as “Understanding Winter Olympics from the Youth’s Perspective, asBilingual Student Reporters Introduce to the International Society theConfidence and Enthusiasm of the Chinese People in Winter Olympics”. Itis hoped that the overall standard of English language of the youth in thecountry would be enhanced through the competition and their knowledge incurrent affairs will be expanded, as they shoulder the responsibility ofpopularising Olympic knowledge and spreading the Olympic Spirit.

As the supervising unit of the competition, BODA has offered tremendoussupport and included the event into the “Olympic Educational Series 2016”.



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