Xi Jinping Stresses Green, Shared, Open and Honest Olympics


Zhang Gaoli attended the meeting

Special Sports Dispatch

BEIJING, March 18 (Xinhua) -- Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the ChineseCommunist Party, President of China and Chairman of China’s Central MilitaryCommission, presided over a meeting held at Zhongnanhai to discuss progress on preparationsfor the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

Addressing themeeting, Xi said that the ‘significance’ and ‘responsibility’ associated withproperly preparing for the Games are tremendous. He said that efforts should bemade to reinforce a sense of mission and responsibility for carefully implementingthe five-prong development philosophy of innovation, coordination, greenness , opennessand sharing. He directed the officials concerned to ensure that the Games arehosted in a green, shared, open and honest manner and all preparations aretimely completed with a high-quality standard. He stressed the need to deliver amarvellous, outstanding and excellent edition of the Olympic and Paralympic WinterGames that augurs well with the expectations of the Chinese people and theinternational community.

Zhang Gaoli, Memberof the Standing Committee of Political Bureau, Vice Premier of the StateCouncil, Head of the Steering Group for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games, also attendedthe meeting.

Preparations for the WinterOlympics and Paralympics are constantly on Xi Jinping’s mind. On July 31, 2015,the IOC voted to grant Beijing the right to host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.Xi Jinping wrote to IOC President Thomas Bach to express his appreciation forthe trust and long-term support extended by the IOC. On August 20, 2015, XiJinping presided over a meeting of the Standing Committee of the CPC CentralCommittee Political Bureau. On the occasion, he was briefed on the bid process ofthe Winter Olympics and the related preparations. At the meeting, Xi proposedseveral requirements for hosting a green, shared, open and honest edition ofthe Olympic Games. On November 13, 2015, Xi Jinping gave important instructionson the preparations for the Games, stressing that the organisation andleadership should be reinforced to centrally roll out all tasks, so as todeliver a fantastic, extraordinary and excellent edition of the Olympic andParalympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

At the meeting, Guo Jinlong, Memberof the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and Secretary of CPC Beijing MunicipalCommittee, gave an update on the general plan and progress on the preparationsfor the Games. Moreover, Liu Peng, Minister of General Administration of Sportof China, gave a presentation on the popularisation and development of thewinter sports and the advancement in the competitive level. Zhao Kezhi, Secretaryof CPC Hebei Provincial Committee, gave a presentation on Hebei’s share of the preparatorywork for the Games. Furthermore, Zhang Haidi, Chairperson of China DisabledPersons’ Federation, gave a presentation on the development of the winter sportsfor disabled persons, furthering the cause of sports for disabled persons.

After thepresentations, Xi Jinping gave an important speech: “As a gala attracting theattention of the whole world, the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing will greatlyreinvigorate the national spirit, gathering up Chinese people from all cornersof the world to unite and work hard for the great rejuvenation of the Chinesenation. Hosting the Games will also help further present China’saccomplishments to the world with respect to the country’s reform andopening-up initiative along with peaceful development propositions. Moreover,it will provide a golden opportunity for facilitating the coordinateddevelopment of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, while promoting the winter sportsin China. The master schedule for the preparations for the Games has been finalised,and all assignments have been identified in terms of venue construction,infrastructure construction, environment protection and event services organisation,among others. The key now is to ensure proper implementation.”

Furthermore, XiJinping stressed that venue and infrastructure construction is of the utmostimportance in preparations, which involves lengthy cycles, demanding tasks andhigh standards. Thus, efforts need to be made to expedite the progress and givefull consideration to the demand of the Games-time and post-Games utilisationof the resources, he added. He went on to say that the existing facilities shouldbe utilised to their best potential. Usage of advanced technologies, practicalityand environment protection should be kept in mind, he added.

Moreover, theChinese president said that cost effectiveness should always be considered toprevent extravagance and repetitive construction. The promotion of the winter sportsshall be an ongoing effort to vigorously develop ice and snow sportsparticipated by all members of the public. He directed the officials concernedto enhance competitive level for the winter sports, speed up the development ofthe ice and snow industries and promote public sports activities in winter toboost public health. The abundant cultural and art resources available in Chinashould be fully utilised to plan and organise cultural promotion events invarious formats, featuring sports and culture themes, so as to attractindividuals and organisations from all sectors to get actively involved. Hestressed that international projection of the country’s cultural aspect shouldbe effectively carried out to convey the right China story and make the propervoice of China heard. Additionally, he directed the officials to take initiativeto work with international sports federations and solicit advice on venueconstruction, event organisation and talent training, so as to accumulateexperience in hosting the events.

Xi Jinpingpointed out that the preparations for the Games are to be treated as a key to promotingthe coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. He said that greatefforts should be made to foster innovation in the system, mechanism,management and policy fronts, besides piloting coordinated development oftransport, environment, industry and other sectors. The aim is to achieve keybreakthroughs in the implementation of the strategy of coordinated developmentof the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Moreover, he said that the role of theGames as a driver for city’s development shall be fully played out. The idea isto ascertain Beijing’s strategic position and further reinforce its role as adriving force and centre for regional development in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebeiregion.

Xi Jinpingstressed that the preparations for the Games need systematic work, thus organisationalleadership and coordination are to be reinforced to gather up the wisdom andresources of all stakeholders to form a powerful synergy in the preparations. Hesaid that the Steering Group is to step up its efforts with respect to thematerial issues and problems emerging in the preparation process. It should coordinateall departments and stakeholders to jointly guarantee that the preparations aremade adequately. He said that all government agencies involved are to undertaketheir due responsibility and incorporate key assignments into the “13thFive-Year Plan”, besides offering significant support to ensure completion. Hesaid that Beijing and Hebei should undertake the responsibility as host citiesto make sure that all assignments are completed on schedule and on high qualitystandards. Beijing 2022 should ensure the organisation, coordination,supervision and implementation of relevant tasks. Moreover, the people shouldbe mobilised and well organised to assist the preparation work. Also, one’shorizon should be broadened in terms of talent recruitment and appointment torecruit top talents for the preparations for the Games, so as to form a team ofexperts with international background as soon as possible.

Xi Jinping saidthat reforms should be stepped up for promoting innovation in ‘system andmechanism’, besides improving partnership between member organisations of the SteeringGroup, Beijing, Hebei Province and Beijing 2022. Moreover, the link betweenresponsibilities and work handover should be reinforced, so as to ensure that allstakeholders work towards the same goal and that the progress is wellcoordinated. Private-sector funding and resources should be procured tofacilitate preparation work. A set of rules and regulations should beestablished to ensure rigorous budget control for hosting the Games. Processsupervision should be enhanced to ensure that the Games are as pure and cleanas ice and snow.

Liu Yandong, LiZhanshu and other officials concerned also attended the meeting.


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