“China Day” Event Held at Milano International FICTS Fest


Addressing at the 34th MilanoInternational FICTS Fest on November 17 (Milan time), Gao Yunchao, DeputyDirector of Beijing Olympic City Development Centre, said that the BeijingInternational Sports Film Week would continue to augment the winter sportstheme and send more high quality Chinese film and television productions onsports to the Milano International FICTS Fest.

Following the plenary session of theInternational Federation of Cinema and Television Sports (FICTS), Gao Yunchao,FICTS President Franco Ascani and representatives from member countries ofdifferent legs of the competition joined the “China Day” event. The posters exhibitionof 17 works selected by the 12th Beijing International Sports FilmWeek opened during the event. Gao Yunchao and Wen Wen, Deputy Head of thePublicity Department of the General Administration of Sport of China, deliveredspeeches and gave introductions at the exhibition. Moreover, all the participatingrepresentatives actively expressed their wish to send their films to Beijing topartake in the screening.

Separately, Gao met Ascani on thesame day and had an in-depth discussion over future collaborations.

The 12th BeijingInternational Sports Film Week selected and submitted 17 Chinese sports filmand television productions to the 34th Milano International FICTSFest. Of the submissions, The Journey isthe Reward, The Promise of Winter andStart from Clouds will compete forthe Guirlande d’Honneur award. The award ceremony for the finals will takeplace at Palazzo Lombardia on the evening of November 21.


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