WWSE: A global industrial feast to exhibit the power of ice and snow


A total of more than 500 Chinese and foreign brand exhibitors and nearly 20 leading countries in winter sports attended the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2020 and showcased their distinctive ice and snow highlights in the venues of China National Convention Center and to south of the Linglong Tower.


China National Convention Center’s E1 and E2, as the core pavilions, housed exhibitions on Winter Olympics, global renowned brands in ice and snow sports, international ice and snow sports service trade, ice and snow technologies and equipment to give a panoramic view of innovations and explorations of international organizations and world-famous ice and snow enterprises and institutions. The outdoor pavilions A, B and C to the south of the Linglong Tower brought comprehensive exhibitions and plentiful experiences for the audience to boost the popularization of winter sports through the promotion of the Winter Olympics, ski resorts, outdoor gears, indoor ice and snow technologies, winter tourism destinations, provincial and municipal pavilions, ice and snow sports-related culture, innovation, entrepreneurship, carnivals and commercial activities.



Numerous renowned enterprises from home and abroad showcased their features and highlights in terms of ice and snow technologies, ice sports facilities, ski gears and intelligent solutions. For instance, Snow 51’s ski simulator enables visitors to have a hands-on experience of the charm of ski downtown.


(Snow 51 Ski Simulator)


Diverse ice and snow sports activities ignite audience’s enthusiasm


On September 5, Li Yingchuan, Vice Minister of General Administration of Sport of China and Vice Chairman of Chinese Olympic Committee, and Zhang Jiandong, Vice Mayor of Beijing and Executive Vice Chairman of Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, visited the booth of Chinese Olympic Committee and watched Remain True to Our Original Aspiration, a figure skating performance directed by Shen Xue and Fang Dan and delivered by young players from Hokay Ice Center.


In order to enhance visitors’ experience in ice and snow sports, popularize winter sports and spread the sports culture, the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo launched a series of diverse activities to fully showcase the charm and elegance of winter sports and ignite the public’s participation enthusiasm.


(Kids are skating on the rink.)


These wonderful activities, such as Dialogue with Ice and Snow Talents, Play Winter Sports Together, Real Rink Show, Ice and Snow Carnival, Outdoor Gear Fair, A Close Contact with Curling, Snow51 Skiing, Ice and Snow Outdoor Gears Show and International Winter Sports Brands-Top 10, not only built presentation stages for ice and snow sports enterprises and institutions but also offered opportunities for visitors to experience the ice and snow world in the downtown area.


(Visitors experience winter sports with VR equipment.)


(Father and son toss curling-stones.)


The rink, curling, virtual reality experience and other highlights in the Expo enabled visitors to enjoy the fun and charm of winter sports. Outdoor Gear Fair provided the sports fans with various professional winter sports clothing and gears, camping and hiking facilities, wearable devices, and other latest products at attractive prices and quality.


Ice and Snow Outdoor Gears Show presented a fashion banquet to the audience through runway shows, new products releases, and audience’s interactions with designers and models.


(Ice and Snow Outdoor Gears Show)


Youth Ice and Snow Experience organized the Winter Olympics and Ice and Snow Sports Exhibition, winter sports games and Winter Olympics Knowledge Contest to comprehensively improve youngsters’ access to ice and snow culture and nurture more winter sports talents for the future.


(A boy slides in a Ski Ring)


(Youngsters attend Famous Coach Carnival.) 


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