CIFTIS:Diverse interactive experiences to warm up for 2022 Winter Olympics


Themed “The Power of Ice & Snow”, the winter sports expo during the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) encompassed exhibitions, theme forums, business negotiations and other activities designed to promote integration of sports with technology, culture, finance and tourism, drive global trade in sports services and provide opportunities for international cooperation in industries related to sports, especially those related to winter sports.

Visitors can participate in ice and snow sports

According to Fu Xiaohui, secretary general of Beijing Olympic City Development Association, the Expo was aimed at “tapping into global winter sports resources to drive the development of the Chinese ice and snow sports industry”. It focused on showing preparations for the Winter Olympics to be hosted in Beijing in 2022, while highlighting the important role of the ice and snow sports industry in today’s global trade in services, aiming to promote integrated international development of sports, technology, cultural tourism and healthcare industries.

The Expo comprised two parts: the comprehensive exhibition zone at China National Convention Center, and the outdoor exhibition south of Linglong Tower.

The outdoor exhibition showcased the outcomes in the development of technology and services for popularizing ice and snow sports among the public. Among the exhibits were cultural products, training programs, sportswear, sports equipment, tourist products and public sports projects. It allowed the visitors to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of global winter sports and experience the sports they were interested in.

Exhibitors from more than 20 countries strong in ice and snow sports

According to Zhang Li, vice president of International Data Group (IDG) China, the Expo gathered a host of distinguished guests from the International Olympic Committee, international winter sports organizations, the United Nations and countries and regions with great competitiveness in ice and snow sports, and also exhibitors from more than 20 countries including Austria, Norway, the Czech Republic, France, Japan, Italy, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland and Germany.

The Expo fused online and offline exhibitions to show the new achievements in the development of global winter sports, publicize related new policies and share good practices for comprehensively popularizing the sports. More than 500 domestic and international brands participated.

The Expo was coupled with a series of international forums, conferences, business negotiations and other activities, where more than 200 invitees from home and abroad gave speeches. The event attracted tens of thousands of visitors.

Visitors experience cross-country skiing indoors

Zhang said the Expo included the exhibitions on services and technical solutions for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

There was the Olympic Pavilion with exhibits from the Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the Chinese Olympic Committee and the builders and operators of the venues for the 2022 Winter Olympics. This was in addition to the exhibits from seven international Olympic winter sports federations for spreading knowledge on winter sports and revealing preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics, and also opportunities to meet with Olympic champions.

The Expo also incorporated various activities such as the winter sports carnival and small-sized competitions to popularize ice and snow sports among the public, with skating rink, artificial ice and snow and various devices for kids and adults to experience cross-country skiing and other winter sports.


Make winter sports part of the public life

Gao Yunchao, deputy secretary general of Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA) who was in charge of the Expo, gave an introduction to the highlights of the event before its opening.

The Beijing News: In your opinion, what will be the highlights of the Expo?

Gao: There should be three highlights: first, the overseas exhibitors, including many from the countries along the Belt and Road, indicating the increasing international influence of the event; second, the exhibitions, forums and award program tailored for enterprises engaged in the ice and snow sports sector; and third, interactive activities for the public to acquire a better understanding of winter sports.

The Beijing News: Is there any difference between this year’s event and the previous editions?

Gao: The biggest difference is the online events which might help attract more participants, especially those from overseas.

The Beijing News: As the sponsor, what are your expectations for the event?

Gao: On the one hand, we hope to further expand the influence of winter sports through this platform, and attract more people to winter sports and the Winter Olympics. On the other, we are trying to help exhibitors learn more about the preferential policies released through the CIFTIS and benefit from them.


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