Events rolled out to mark the 500-day countdown of Beijing 2022


September 22 marked the 500-day countdown to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and a large number of activities such as the Home Fitness Challenge and the Teenager Winter Sports Public Class were held. The 11th Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival National Fitness Summer Square was officially launched at the Dedication Square in the South Park of the Olympic Forest Park on the day. The "Countdown to the 2022 Winter Olympics" healthy brisk walking event was held. 


The 10th Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival


The year 2020 was crucial for the preparation of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the 11th year of the Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival. The event was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and an innovative form that combined online and offline activities was adopted.

The 2020 festival featured rich content. "Countdown to the 2022 Winter Olympics" healthy brisk walking, ice and snow aerobics, online knowledge contest, home fitness challenge, international emerging sports promotion, teenager winter sports public class, and many other programs were held in the next three months. 

The festival started with the "Countdown to the 2022 Winter Olympics" healthy brisk walking, the first of the 100 brisk walking events.

The healthy brisk walking kicked off on September 22 and will continue until the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The "City Pass" application serves as an online platform for the 100 events in 500 days.

The event consists of two parts: "cloud route activity" and "thematic route activity". People can participate in the cumulative 20.22 kilometers cloud route activity with no time and venue limit, and the thematic route activity characterized by Olympic sports culture exploration. The general public are encouraged to actively participate in the 2022 kilometer-event in 500 days to welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics. 


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