The 16th Beijing International Sports Film Week concludes


The Covid-19 pandemic forced the 16th Beijing International Sports Film Week in 2020 to be held online for the first time, without the usual grand offline opening and closing ceremonies or offline screenings. According to statistics, more than a million netizens and sports fans enjoyed the feast of sports films on major online platforms during the week.

A total of 158 domestic films were reviewed during the event and 10 were selected after two rounds of review to participate in the finals of the Sports Movies & TV -- Milano International FICTS Fest, and one was honored as "Most Popular Media Film".

The screening was officially launched on August 12. As of 8 pm on August 16, the 58 films and three sharing sessions attracted more than 1.3 million viewers; and many producers and video platforms said that the number of viewers exceeded their expectations.

The 58 films cover a variety of themes. Audiences could see many important historical moments of China's return to the Olympic family over the past 40 years, understand the challenges faced by football, basketball and other team games in China, and have the opportunity to get closer to families of the world champions such as Li Na and Wu Jingyu and their great efforts and determination.

To enhance the online viewing experience, the film week set up a promotion area and a special exhibition area on various online platforms. After the screening, audiences could continue to watch films through online platform opened through Beijing International Sports Film Week.

Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, published a signed article "Olympism and Corona ".  The article pointed out that the global spread of the pandemic had a profound impact on the world and significantly affected all aspects of society, including sports people. The new situation needs all our solidarity, creativity, determination and flexibility, he said, adding that in the post-coronavirus era, sport is needed and the International Olympic Committee is preparing to reshape sport with Olympic values.

Professor Franco B. Ascani, president of Sports Movies & TV -- Milano International FICTS Fest, said in a congratulatory letter to the sports film week: Sport is "a global exercise that serves all mankind" and a great tool for social change. FICTS encourages young people to use their imagination and modern technology to create excellent sports movies.

The person in charge of the 16th Beijing International Sports Film Week said that despite the new normal of pandemic prevention and control, outstanding works selected at the sports film week would participate in the finals of 2020 Sports Movies & TV -- Milano International FICTS Fest as scheduled. Themed "Winter Olympic Dream with Sports Emotions", the film week launched activities centering on the Winter Olympics. The number of winter sports films submitted in the past two years increased and 21 films on ice and snow events were selected at this session. Senior professionals were invited to talk about how sports films could help publicize the Winter Olympics centering on sport, films and Winter Olympics, and a number of excellent Winter Olympics ice and snow films were screened. At the same time, the successful online film week provides Beijing experience and reference for various sports film and television events, and competitions around the world.

The recommended works of the 16th Beijing International Sports Film Week in 2020 were as follows:











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