Changes over the 16 years of Beijing International Sports Film Week-from features to short films, from online to offline and from sports to fitness


Over the past 16 years, the Beijing International Sports Film Week(BISFW) has been continuously expanding in terms of film and television culture and presentation methods, and been committed to disseminating sports culture and Olympic culture to promote an inspiring sports spirit, and encourage people, especially the youth, to participate in sports and experience life.

BISFW’s 16-year development has witnessed its changes from movies to TV, from online videos to micro movies, from one-minute short videos to ten-day short films, from competitive sports to mass fitness, from the red carpet to the community, and from offline to online.

The 3rd BISFW, a total of 315 digital movie projection vehicles were sent to communities across Beijing. The 7th BISFW made worldwide solicitation of  one-minute films, making it an influential large-scale sports film event. The 8th witnessed in-depth cooperation with the International Sports Film and Television Federation for the first time. And the 9th initiated the 10-day competition of "My Dream" sports short films. The 11th solicited student works from major universities. The 13th organized the first online exhibition of solicited works. The 16th BISFW held the first online opening ceremony, marking a brand new exploration and attempt.



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