China pockets 5 tickets for Beijing Winter Olympics at World Figure Skating Championships



Chen Hongyi wins the women's singles seat in the Winter Olympics for China. Photo/Xinhua News Agency

On March 28th, the 2021 World Figure Skating Championships held in Sweden, was also a qualifying event for the Beijing Winter Olympics. The Chinese team won a total of 5 Winter Olympics tickets in the four events of men’s and women’s singles, pairs and ice dancing . 

As a qualifying event for the Beijing Winter Olympics, this year's World Championships produced a total of 24 men's singles, 24 women's singles, 16 pairs, and 16 ice dancing places. The remaining places will be awarded through the finals in autumn . 

So far, the Chinese team pocketed five tickets for the Beijing Winter Olympics in this World Championships, which are pair skating (2), men's singles (1), women's singles (1), and ice dance (1). China's figure skating team won 7 tickets for the previous Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.


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