Basics of ice hockey game


The "Experience Beijing" ice sports test series officially kicked off on the morning of April 2 at the National Stadium. This was also the debut of the National Stadium as a venue for the 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.


On April 2, an ice hockey game is staging in the National Stadium. Photo by Tao Ran, reporter from The Beijing News


Ice hockey game uses ice skates and hockey sticks as tools. It is a collective competitive sport played on an enclosed and marked ice rink. It consists of men's and women's events. The ice rink is 60 meters long, 26 meters wide and has four arc corners with radius of 7-8.5 meters. Ice hockey players have a set of gear, such as sticks, ice skates, protective gear and team uniforms.

In an ice hockey game, there are 22+3 men on a men’s hockey team and 20+3 on a women’s, and 6 players on the field holding the positions of goalkeeper, left back, right back, left forward, right forward and center. Except the goalkeeper and the position, any other players can play any position. The rules of the ice hockey game are very open. Offenders will be given various penalties according to the nature and extent of the foul.


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