"Experience Beijing" ice sports testing series carried out in venues of the Beijing competition zones


From April 1 to 10, "Experience Beijing" ice sports testing series were successfully held in the five venues of the Beijing competition zone.

The venues featured different characteristics and undertook different testing tasks. For example, the Capital Gymnasium carried out the conversion of the two different events from figure skating to short track speed skating, and the National Aquatics Center carried out the conversion from the "curling" to the "wheelchair curling". Wukesong and "Ice Cube" both conducted tests with audiences on site. These tests reflected the characteristics of the venues and also provided an in-depth rehearsal for the operation of the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.


On April 4, volunteers ushered audiences into the Wukesong Sports Center. 


On April 2, spectators watched the game with one seat apart at the Ice Cube.

Shi Wei, deputy director of the Wukesong venue operation team service, told reporters that this "stress test" includes actual combat exercises throughout the entire process from audience arrival, perimeter guidance, temperature tests, health code scanning, ticket check, security inspection and site entry. The "Ice Cube" also had a test with audience on site which was the first large-scale competition with spectators in Beijing since the pandemic breakout. Seamless transfer was achieved in the tests held in Wukesong Sports Center and the National Gymnasium. Other related tests like ice cleaning and glass replacement were also conducted to secure the Games. 


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