Volunteers in the Winter Olympics test program: both an examinee and an examiner



On April 4, volunteers clean the ice in the field at the Wukesong Gymnasium during the game break  .

 Photo by Tao Ran, reporter from The Beijing News

There are less than 300 days before the opening of the 2022 Winter Olympics. In order to check the venue facilities, exercise the operation team, and test the work mechanism, a number of ice sports testing games were held in the Beijing competition area from April 1 to 10. Various volunteers were seen everywhere in the five venues participating in the testing games. A total of 1,026 volunteers attended the ice testing games in April, mainly serving 22 business sectors such as venue management, image landscape, and personnel management.

In the words of Peking University volunteer Chai Teng, “We volunteers are both examinees and examiners. We will test various working mechanisms in volunteer services.” 

Zhu Siwei and Qiu Ruizheng, technicians of the China Center for Assistive Devices for the Disabled, served as wheelchair repairers in this test event. They have rich experience in competition service and maintenance support. Before coming to the site, they estimated the possible situation based on their experience, and bring appropriate tools, accessories, materials, and replacement parts in advance to deal with various maintenance demands.


Event service volunteer Liu Ziyi receives Beijing leaders to visit the National Speed Skating Oval. Photo courtesy of the interviewee


Event service also requires high skills. Liu Ziyi, a senior from the Department of Education of Beijing Normal University, served as an event service volunteer in the National Speed Skating Oval. She was responsible for controlling the flow of visitors, checking tickets, and ushering in VIPs.

Yang Jun, a medical volunteer at the National Speed Skating Oval, is an emergency doctor at Chaoyang Hospital. He is responsible for emergency and critical care in the hospital. His 17-year-long experience gives him the courage to participate in the Winter Olympics volunteer service without hesitation. Yang Jun and more than 30 colleagues received training in hemostasis, bandaging, and fracture fixation for athletes. 

Xing Yuanxin is a graduate student of the School of Art and Media at Beijing Normal University. He served as a volunteer in the field of venue management. As the "office" of the speed skating oval, the stadium management center needs to coordinate and manage the basic operation of the stadium. The smooth holding of the Winter Olympics requires the smooth collaboration of each field. "We are responsible for uniting every people together to do a good job. We’ll be responsible for everything we say," stressed Xing Yuanxin.

Zhu Xinyun, a junior at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, tried her best to create a "home for volunteers" and provide a warm office for all volunteers. "I had been doing behind-the-scenes work for the venue before, and then I started to usher in audiences. When standing in front of the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube, I feel excited," Zhu said, "I realize I am  really close to Beijing and I represent Beijing myself."


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