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From Beijing, it takes only one hour by high-speed rail to reach the Taizicheng area, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. The National Ski Jumping Center, also known as "Snow Ruyi", the National Cross-Country Center and the National Biathlon Center make up of the Guyangshu venues in Zhangjiakou for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Among them, the highly anticipated "Snow Ruyi" is China’s first ski jumping venue. It is also the competition venue with the largest amount of construction work and the most technical difficulty in the construction of the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics venue group. The main building design is inspired by the traditional Chinese scepter "Ruyi", and thus vividly called "Snow Ruyi". It consists of the Peak Club, starting area, slide area, and stand area. It will hold 8 competition events and 8 gold medals.

The jumping platform is about 500 meters long from east to west with a drop between the highest point at the top and the ground at the bottom of more than 160 meters. The top of Ruyi is a circular building with a diameter of nearly 80 meters, and the largest overhanging part of nearly 40 meters. This "big circle" at the top of the National Ski Jumping Center, the Peak Club, is the most obvious sign of "Snow Ruyi", the world's first ski jumping venue with a large building on the starting area.

The "Snow Ruyi" makes full use of the natural topography and implements the three-star standard for green snow sports stadiums.



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