The 13th Beijing Olympic City Sports and Culture Festival will open in August

Source:Beijing Olympic City Development Association2022-07-27

On July 21st, we have learned from Beijing Olympic City Development Association that the 13th Beijing Olympic City Sports and Culture Festival will be opened in Yongle Youth Sports Camp in Changping District on August 6.


With the aim of “Carry on the Olympic Spirit and Build a Better City”, this year's Sports and Cultural Festival will be held to inherit and carry forward the valuable intangible wealth left behind by the Olympic Games, amplify the effect of “Healthy China and the Olympic Games”, promote the development of Olympic culture, and spread the beauty of “Dual Olympic City” far and wide through the “Dual Olympic Camp” and “Sports and Culture Festival Mass Sports Event”. The “Dual Olympic Camp” includes more than 10 activities, such as Olympic-themed camps, Olympic Songs Concert, Olympic Collection Display, Sports and Cultural Goods Exchange Market, Challenge 9'83", Challenge 20.58m, Olympic Badge Exchange Bazaar, Children's Sports Puppet Show.


The opening ceremony of the festival will be based around three chapters: “Meet - Olympic”, “Meet - Beijing” and “Wonderful - City of Dual Olympics”. Through the performance of the flame lighting ceremony, the heartfelt narration of the champions of the Dual Olympics, the display of new Olympic projects and the singing of Olympic songs, the festival will focus on the profound connection between Beijing and the Olympics and create an immersive audio-visual feast for the guests and audience. The opening ceremony of the festival highlights the innovative concept of the “Dual Olympic Sports and Culture Caravan” and reflects the elements of the “Caravan” through the characteristic choreography and stage layout of the venue, which will shape the unique Olympic heritage brand influence for the future “Dual Olympic Sports and Culture Caravan” to enter all districts in the city.


The “Sports and Culture Festival Mass Sports Event”, which is awaited by sports enthusiasts, consists of the “Swimming Challenge”, the “Medal of Growth Junior Triathlon” and the “Women's 10km Challenge” and “International Emerging Sports”. The events will be held in Changping District, Beijing on 6 August, 13 August, 20 August and 27 August respectively. The public can find out more about the events and activities through the service platform.


It is understood that the “Sports and Culture Festival Mass Sports Event” will take place at the site that hosted the Beijing 2008 Olympic Triathlon. The organisers hope to deepen the sustainable use of the Olympic legacies, drive regional sports, cultural and tourism consumption and promote regional economic development.

“The Beijing Olympic City Sports and Culture Festival” was founded by the Beijing Olympic City Development Association. Since its inception, more than 15 million people have participated in the various activities of the festival.


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