"Shine on Dual Olympics and Together for a Shared Future"
Beijing International Sports Film Week links up with the Beijing International Film Festival to promote the soft power of sports culture

Source:Beijing Olympic City Development Association2022-08-15

In 2022, the burning torch of the Winter Olympics lights up Beijing, the first “Dual Olympic City” in the history of the Olympic Games. The thousand-year-old city is writing about its love affair with the Dual Olympics and offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the development and spread of Chinese sports culture. In order to further promote sports culture, spread the Olympic spirit and pass on the legacies of the Olympic Games, the Beijing International Sports Film Week was included in the Beijing International Film Festival for the first time. This will not only inject new energy and opportunities into the 12-year history of the festival, but will also further promote the international development of China's film and television culture by using sports as a bridge.

The Beijing International Sports Film Week will run from 13 August to 19 August, with a variety of exciting events planned. The outstanding films and the “Most Popular Films in Media” will be announced. Themed forums and offline screenings will discuss the future of Chinese sports films and showcase the high-quality development of Chinese sports culture. “Shine on Dual Olympics and Together for a Shared Future”, when the glamour of cinema and the energy of sport collide, excitement is in the air!


Outstanding Film Release and Public Service Exhibition Launched and Chinese sports films competed in Milan and became international.

This year's Beijing International Sports Film Week has collected a total of 218 sports films through an open call for films and channels, including a number of films on the subject of the Winter Olympics. The aim of this year's Beijing International Sports Film Week is to actively focus on and cooperate with the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, to widely disseminate the culture of winter sports, and to promote the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the legacies of the Olympic Games. After two rounds of selections, the final selection of 18 outstanding films will be announced at the 18th Beijing International Sports Film Week's Outstanding Films Release and Public Service Exhibition Launch Event on August 17. They will compete as representatives of the best films in the global finals of the Milan International Sports Film and TV Festival. These representative leaders of Chinese sports films will take up the responsibility of spreading the Olympic Spirit, reflecting the characteristics of the Dual Olympic City and further expanding the influences of Chinese sports culture in the international arena.

The exhibition will use the power of images to enhance the impact of sporting culture by showing a wide range of films.

The 18th Beijing International Sports Film Week also features an extremely rich programme of film screenings, bringing sports films to life once again. The film screening session included a total of 17 films on sports, including “Tjikko”, “Le Traversiadi”, “Perfect Ten” and “The Everlasting Flame Beijing 2008”. These films will be available to audiences through the “online + offline” approach. These films cover a wide range of sports, including skiing, gymnastics, boxing, basketball, speed skating and rock climbing, and are sure to enrich the spirit of sports fans and the movie-going public.


The Chinese films “Water Boys” and “To the Fore”, which have previously received high praises, not only showcasing the beauty of power and speed in sports through their images, but also conveying the universal values of courageous struggle and self-improvement. Through the platform of Beijing International Sports Film Week, audiences will gain rich spiritual resonance and nourishment in the process of watching the films, which will also provide a solid mass foundation for expanding the influence of sports through film culture. Also, the screening of international films such as “Движение вверх”and “Million Dollar Baby” is also something to look forward to. Several classic sports films from abroad have retained their timeless screen appeal over time and will continue to add to the impact of sports films at this event.



The Forum is full of exciting events·Pave the way to a “strong sporting nation” through sports films.

This year's Beijing International Sports Film Week is also highlighted by various salons, forums and networking events, where guests from various fields of film, sports and media will have in-depth exchanges. They will offer advice and suggestions for the development of sports films and the construction of sports culture, and will also contribute to the high-quality cultural supply of this year's Sports Film Week.

One of the salon events with the theme of “Why are sports films getting hotter and hotter?” will be held on 15 August. Focusing on several critically acclaimed sports films such as “Blind Mountaineer”, the guests will discuss in depth the audience's feelings and expectations of sports-themed works, in an attempt to provide experience and inspiration that filmmakers can draw on for their future storytelling. On 17 August, a forum event with the theme of “What should be the mission of sports films” will be held. The guests will explain the mission of sports films through different perspectives and give diversified interpretations on how sports films can tell a good Chinese story and pave the way for China to become a “great sports nation”.

Film Week and Venture Capital are deeply integrated·Dedicated support fund to help new sports film power.

This year, the Festival's Venture Capital section not only achieved a new record number of films, but also actively integrated with various fields across borders. For the first time, the Beijing International Sports Film Week will also be linked to the Beijing International Film Festival's Venture Capital section, with a special “Sports Project Support Fund”. This initiative aims to support outstanding young film creators, encourage the creation and development of sports film projects, and tap and nurture new sports film talent in niche areas.

A total of 15-20 films on sports from the Beijing International Film Festival's Creative Investment section have been selected for the event. These films include “Manchurian Tigers” and so on. These works will compete in the preliminary, review and final rounds, and the jury of this year's Beijing International Film Festival's Creative Investment section will announce the winners of the awards. At the same time, Beijing International Sports Film Week will also provide support for the winning film in terms of script development and financial security. After the project has been produced, it can also continue to participate in the Beijing International Sports Film Week exhibition and call for entries, in order to form an internal cycle system for Sports Film Week and become a new force in the sports film industry.


Through the linkage of the panels, Beijing International Sports Film Week and the Beijing International Film Festival strive to build a platform for sports film creators to showcase and communicate, and to drive the incubation of quality film stories. Beijing International Sports Film Week will join hands with the Beijing International Film Festival to promote the landing of outstanding sports film projects, inject fresh blood into the development of the sports film industry and actively promote the prosperity of the sports film industry.

This year's Beijing International Sports Film Week, as an annual sports and cultural exchange event held in Beijing, will join hands with the Beijing International Film Festival to further explore, nurture and strengthen young talent and the backbone of sports films, and provide more segmented content support and financial guarantee for the development and take-off of sports films in China. At the same time, the event will actively contribute to the re-emergence of the influence of our sporting culture. The event will allow these Chinese stories, which carry on the legacy of the Dual Olympic Games, to be sung by the vibrant sports film industry to audiences at home and abroad, allowing the soft power of Chinese sports culture to shine in the world!


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