Nearly 1,000 persons participated in the 13th Beijing Olympic City Sports and Culture Festival “Women's 10km Challenge”

Source:Beijing Olympic City Development Association2022-08-20

The 13th Beijing Olympic City Sports and Culture Festival “Women's 10km challenge” was held on August 20th in Beijing around the Thirteen Hills Reservoir Road. This is the third event in the “Sports and Culture Festival” following the success of the “Swimming Challenge” and the 5th Medal of Growth “Little Ironman Triathlon”. Nearly 1,000 young women took part in the competition.


Road map of the 13th Beijing Olympic City Sports and Culture Festival “Women's 10km Challenge”.


Main visual of the 13th Beijing Olympic City Sports and Culture Festival “Women's 10km Challenge” .


The 13th Beijing Olympic City Sports and Culture Festival “Women's 10km Challenge”.


The “Women's 10km Challenge”.


The “Women's 10km Challenge”.


The “Women's 10km Challenge”.


The “Women's 10km Challenge”.


The “Women's 10km Challenge”.  


The “Women's 10km Challenge”.


The “Women's 10km Challenge”.


The “Women's 10km Challenge”.


The “Women's 10km Challenge”.


Award Ceremony at the “Women's 10km Challenge”.

At 8:00am, with the gun going off, the runners raced across the start line first. The athletes set off from the front of the classical architectural promenade on the Thirteen Lings Reservoir, via the Beijing 2008 Olympic Triathlon route, and made a lap around the Thirteen Lings Reservoir. During the long run, everyone was in high spirits, energetic and chased after each other, enjoying the physical and mental pleasure brought by healthy exercise surrounded by the blue reservoir and the rolling mountains of Python.

“This event can motivate us all to get fit, and I saw that everyone insisted on running the whole distance, which was really not easy. We have to exercise our own bodies, only when we are in better health, life will be better.” One of the participants on site said.

The “Women's 10km challenge” around the lake requires participants to be 16 years of age or older in the year of the race. Entry of minors under 18 years of age requires a declaration of entry signed by their guardian or legal representative.

The event has been comprehensively planned and upgraded from the event set-up to the service guarantee. The services provided to participants such as equipment, insurance, timing and prizes are referenced to the standards of other professional sporting events, so that everyone can enjoy a more professional and complete event experience. At the same time, the competition site also held “Dual Olympic Camp”, “Dual Olympic Theme Exhibition” and other unique sports and cultural activities.

In order to do a good job of volunteer services, Changping District Committee and District Volunteer Service Federation organized 100 key volunteers including “Dual Olympics” volunteers, five-star volunteers, the capital's most beautiful volunteers, the capital's most beautiful families and other groups to provide on-site volunteer services. The volunteers were seen everywhere in the Dual Olympics base camp, including the car park, the sign-in area, the interactive area, the stage and the campsite. In the heat, they greeted the participants with professional services. In addition, the town of Xiling also arranged for more than 200 persons to be divided into subgroups for regional protection, responsible for on-site epidemic prevention and control, order maintenance, security and stability, crowd guidance, emergency disposal and other work, and do a good job of creating the surrounding atmosphere and publicity work.

The 13th Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture will be held at the Yongle Youth Sports Base Camp in Changping District around the Thirteen Lings Reservoir and at the Juyongguan Scenic Area with its beautiful scenery of the “Juyong Overlook”. As the heritage site of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Triathlon, Changping District is known as the “Pillow of the Capital”, with its rich heritage and windy waters. It is home to the 13 Ming Tombs, the Juyongguan Great Wall and other world-renowned cultural heritage sites. The Grand Canal Cultural Belt, the Great Wall Cultural Belt and the Xishan Yongding River Cultural Belt intersect here and the unique location of the site has contributed to its rich cultural heritage. At the same time, Changping is also a city of beautiful mountains and pleasant ecology, with a forest coverage rate and a forest greening rate of 48.3% and 67.2% respectively. The forest parks and natural scenic areas in the district, such as the Seven Hole Bridge Flower Sea, Python Mountain, Dayang Mountain and Hu Yu, have become good places for the general public to relax on short trips and embrace nature around the corner.

According to the organizers, the festival aims to deepen the sustainable use of the Olympic legacies and create conditions for everyone to participate in sport and be active and fit. Changping District will take this year's Beijing Olympic City Sports and Culture Festival as an opportunity to promote sports, culture and tourism consumption in the region, create a number of high-quality cultural and tourism tour routes, enhance the brand of regional tourism and activate the cultural vitality of the “pillow of the capital”. Changping District will promote the spread of Olympic culture in a special form, create a strong atmosphere for the Dual Olympics with rich content, build a “caravan” of sports culture for the Dual Olympics with innovative ideas, and inherit and carry forward the valuable wealth left by the Dual Olympics.


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