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RUN GIRLS of the 14th Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival attracts nearly 3,000 female runners

On September 3, RUN GIRLS of the 14th Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival was held at Qikongqiao Huahai (Sea of Flowers) and Shisanling (the Ming Tombs) Reservoir in Changping District. The event and its award ceremony were attended by director Fu Xiaohui of Beijing Olympic City Development Center; Chen Weihua, deputy head of the Publicity Department of All-China Women’s Federation; Zhao Hongwei, deputy chair of Beijing Women’s Federation; Feng Zhiming, a member of the Standing Committee and head of Publicity Department of Changping District Committee of the CPC; Gao Yunchao, deputy director of Beijing Olympic City Development Center; Li Jian, Chairman of Beijing Radio & Broadcasting Group; and Cui Zhoupeng, secretary of the Party Committee of Shisanling Town, Changping District, among others.

The gun-firing ceremony

RUN GIRLS is an important mass sports event held during the 14th Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival, and it is tailor-made for female runners. The distance of the race was 10 miles (about 16 kilometers). Both the starting and the ending lines were at the famous scenic spot Qikongqiao Huahai, and the runners would pass through the Olympic triathlon venue. This is the second mass sports event held during the Sports & Culture Festival following the success of the “Growth Medal Triathlon,” and attracted nearly 3,000 female runners.

With the sound of the starting gun at 8 am, the runners rushed to cross the starting line, the Qikongqiao Huahai, a popular attraction in Changping, passed the Beijing 2008 Olympic triathlon route and the Mangshan National Forest Park, and completed a lap around the Shisanling Reservoir. On the way, the female runners were full of energy, high-spirited in chasing after each other, enjoying their run with the surroundings of the vast reservoir and the winding mountains, presenting a scene of health and beauty.

A scene of Run Girls

A scene of Run Girls

>A scene of Run Girls

After the run, the Organizing Committee presented prizes to the runners and a special finishing ceremony was set up to present medals and flowers to the runner who crossed the finish line last. Li Mengyuan, who took part in the RUN GIRLS last year, said that she was very happy to participate in the RUN GIRLS again this year. “The event could inspire people to do more exercise. It is really not easy for every runner to complete the whole run. We need to exercise our body. Our life will get better when we become healthier. This year’s route is also memorable. The surrounding beautiful scenery is refreshing, and the diversification of the racetrack makes the run more fun. I hope I can continue to participate in this event next year.” A runner from Iran said that she was lucky to be able to join this run in the beautiful Changping and run on the marathon track of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. She felt first-hand the wide spread of the Olympic spirit around the world, and through this event, she got to know a lot of female runners. She gained a lot from the experience.

Fu Xiaohui presenting the trophy and the bouquet to the winning athlete

Fu Xiaohui and Feng Zhiming posing for a group photo with the winners

Deputy director Gao Yunchao and Wang Chao, chief of Shisanling Town, presenting the medal and the bouquet, respectively to the last finishing athlete.

On behalf of the organizer, Gao Yunchao said that the organization of mass sports events at the Olympic venues would not only enhance the sustainable use of the Olympic legacy, but also demonstrate how the Olympic spirit has been inherited and carried forward in Beijing. By organizing the event in such a novel form, the organizer hoped to attract more young participants in the national fitness-for-all campaign. It also hoped that the sports and culture activities popular with the masses held near the beautiful Shisanling Reservoir would attract more people to Changping for leisure tourism and drive the development of sports consumption and tourist economy.

The route map

The Shisanling Scenic Area is surrounded by mountains and waters, and boasts beautiful scenery, winding lush mountains, valleys with springs, mysterious and solemn Ming Tombs, a sea of colorful blossoms at Qikongqiao, and the magnificent Shisanling Reservoir. It attracts tourists from all over the world all year round. According to the organizer, compared to last year’s event, this year’s event was upgraded in terms of the distance, the route design, the number of runners and the quality of the event. For example, this year’s distance was 10 miles, more challenging than last year’s 10 km. The route design was also optimized, passing through the Shisanling Reservoir, Qikongqiao Huahai, Mangshan National Forest Park, Changling Tomb, Dingling Tomb, among other world cultural heritage sites and natural attractions. In terms of the number of participants, this year’s event attracted close to 3,000 participants, compared to last year’s 800. The Shisanling Town Government improved the surrounding environment and added more than 800 temporary parking spaces for the convenience of the participants. At the same time, it distributed coupons to the participants and their visiting families to boost consumption, so that they could enjoy a special discount of at most 66% off in seven local business forms.

The Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival was first initiated and hosted by BODA in 2010. It is an important Olympic legacy brand event recognized by the International Olympic Committee, and has seen 13 consecutive editions and attracted more than 15 million participants cumulatively. The Festival has played an active role in spreading the Olympic spirit, promoting the building of a “healthy China” and helping to build Beijing into an international exchanges center. It has become an influential urban sports and culture brand for promoting fitness for all.

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