The 4th Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival to launch


Themed on the “Sports make a healthy city”, the 4th Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival will kick off in the Beijing Olympic Park from Aug. 8th to Aug. 18th, 2013. It is hosted by the Beijing Municipal Government and BODA, and jointly organized by the Beijing Olympic City Development Center, Olympic Park Administrative Committee, Beijing Inno-Olympic Group and BeiAo Group.

This is the fifth year after successful holding of the Beijing Olympic Games. As an important content of the 9th Beijing National Fitness Festival, the 4th Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival, with the Olympic Common Domain as the main venue and “Sports make a healthy city” as the theme, will organize over 40 activities in seven parts, such as the Fitness Summer Square, the 9th Beijing International Sports Film Week, “Sports, Happiness & Health” Olympic Education Series Activities, promotion activity of 2013 Tour of Beijing, the Color Run, and the 2013 Beijing Olympic City Triathlon. It will widely utilize surrounding Olympic venues, cultural and creative programs and more social power to actively attract the public to participate in mass sports and cultural activities, overall enhance physical quality, and popularize a healthy life style, thus making sports a part of daily life and city trend.

A fashion sports shared by the public The Fitness Summer Square will be staged in celebration square of the Olympic Common Domain during Aug. 8th - 14th. It will be composed of Fashion & Leisure Area, Brand & Culture Area, Competition & Promotion Area and Themed Activities, including 3V3 Basketball, Cage Football, Park Volley, Happy Football for kids, Outdoor Carnival, National Fitness Fair (rock climbing, slackline, fishing and rope skipping), fixed gear bike polo, etc.

The “Color Run”, which is a very popular pubic fitness activity in the world and firstly introduced by this festival, will take place in Garden Expo Park on Aug. 10th, when over 10,000 sports enthusiasts will enjoy beautiful scenes and sports in the Garden Expo Park. At the same time, the organizing committee will organize a promotion activity on August 8th to spread the 2013 Tour of Beijing, in order to enhance the understanding and attention of Beijing citizens to this event, to follow the concept of the Beijing Municipal Government of environment protection and civilized travel. The organizer will also stage the “2013 Beijing Olympic City Triathlon” in OCD’s Olympic venues, where competitors will complete swimming in the Water Cube, bicycling in the OCD and then running in the Bird’s Nest. The competition will create a linkage mode among the Olympic venues, and become a quality games in the Olympic Park for a long time.

The Fitness Summer Square this year will integrate leisure, entertainment and competition with simple rules and easy participation for the public. The competitors include Beijing Youth Men, Beijing Youth Women, Bayi Youth Men, Bayi Youth Women and other professional volleyball teams, Pecking University volleyball team and Tsinghua University volleyball team, football fans from elementary and middle schools in districts and counties, as well as bicycle players around China and some foreigners. While enjoying brilliant competitions, tourists and citizens also can have an amazing experience of such fashion sports.

Sports & Culture Film Festival As a sports & culture project originating from the Beijing Olympic Games, the 9th Beijing International Sports Film Week will be staged during the festival, when opening ceremony, “My Dream” 10-day Sports Film Competition, the 31st World FICTS Challenge 2013, excellent sports films panorama, outdoor sports saloon and closing & awarding ceremony will be held to provide sports fans, sports films & TVs enthusiasts with a perfect opportunity of appreciating outstanding Chinese and international sports films, listening to comments of experts, and interacting with outdoor specialists inclusive of sailors, mountaineers, runners and cyclists. It will also play a positive role of popularizing and promoting China’s sports films & culture, pushing excellent Chinese sports films & TV programs to the world.

Happy holiday for elementary and middle school students The “Happy Football”, as one of “Sports, Happiness & Health” 2013 Olympic Education Series Activities for elementary and middle school students in Beijing, will organize these young players to join in ten “football pass” games to jointly excise football skills and share happiness. The “Sports, Happiness & Health” project, as precious wealth of the Beijing Olympic Games, will conduct ten major activities including photographing & painting activity, training of PE teachers for primary and middle schools, “My Olympics” youth camp, Olympic education winter camp, the YOG love knot activity; Moreover, such 22 youth competitions have been carried out as campus football, campus basketball, campus volleyball, swimming, mind sports and so on.

Olympic culture exhibition IOC President Rogge wrote to Beijing recently to highly praise the Beautiful Olympic Cultural Scroll jointly presented by the Capital Civilizational Development Foundation and the Civilization Magazine. Rogge said, “This initiative created a new way to promote the Olympics by integrating Chinese culture with worldwide cultures, with Beijing as the starting point and the Olympic Manifesto as the carrier”. During the festival, the Beautiful Olympic Cultural Scroll will be displayed at the Landscape Avenue on Aug. 8th.

Many other large-scale sports & cultural activities will also be unveiled, including My Olympic - International Children’s Games 2013, Brazil Legends China Game, Football Carnival, “Water Cube Cup - Overseas Chinese Youth Singing Final & Awarding Ceremony”, the 5th Architectural Biennial, the “Enjoy Samba, Carry on China Dream” Grand Sino-Brazil Cultural and Sports Exchange Activities, World Animation All-star Tour, and 3V3 Basketball at the Beijing Wukesong Culture & Sports Center. The Qingdao International Sailing Week hosted by the Qingdao Olympic Sailing City Development Association will also be an activity of the festival outside Beijing to jointly provide citizens with a sports & cultural gathering.

For five years since the Beijing Olympic Games, BODA, with “Carry on Olympic Spirit, Build a Better City” as its tenet, has been striving to build up an international exchanges platform for Beijing as an Olympic city, establish the Olympic sports & cultural activity brand, and form an unique working style of the Olympic education series for elementary and middle school students, so as to play an active role in building Beijing into a world city of the Chinese characteristics, promote national fitness and help boost the youth’s all-around development.

The Aug. 8th five years ago was the moment for all Chinese to realize the hundred’s “Olympic Dream”, and the booming moment for Olympic flowers. This Aug. 8th will witness the Olympic flowers in full blossom again while Chinese people go on to live the Chinese Dream.  


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