“Olympic Club” Fraternities licensed



On August 8th, the 5th anniversary of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, LIU Jingmin, Executive Vice Chairman of BODA gave license to another 19 “Olympic Club” fraternities. The licensing event was chaired by WU Jingmi, Secretary General of BODA.

The 19 licensed fraternities include market development, law, registry, ticketing, arrival & departure, information, sports, fencing hall, North Olympic Green, China Agricultural University Gymnasium, Sand Volleyball, Wukesong Sports Center, Fengtai Sports Center Baseball Field, public zone, youth camp, Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium, supervision & auditing, anti-doping, and catering culture team.

The “Olympic Club Fraternities” are organs under the “Olympic Club”, including original BOCOG departments, Games-time venue teams and sponsors, etc., and a carrier for Olympic people to enhance communication and carry out related public benefit activities. At present, there are 53 Olympic club fraternities with nearly 10,000 members.

The “Olympic Club” is a mass organization of public welfare for Olympic people who directly or indirectly participated in bidding, preparation, construction and operation of the Beijing Olympic Games. Since its founding, it initiated the anniversary activity for the Beijing Olympic Games, voluntary tree planting of Olympic people and photographic exhibition, etc. to carry on Olympic spirit and make its contributions to help Olympic achievements benefit the city development in a long run.


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