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The fourth-Term Beijing Sports and Culture Day will open on August 8.


International on-line message: (by journalist Ding Jieshuai): On the morning of August 5 in Beijing time, the press conference of 2013 fourth-Term Beijing Sports and Culture Day is held in Beijing, sponsored by People’s Government of Beijing and Beijing Olympic City Development Association, undertaken by Beijing Olympic City Development and Promotion Center, Management Committee of Olympic Park, Beijing Xin’ao Group Co., Ltd and Beijing Bei’ao Group Liability Co., Ltd. And the theme is “Sports makes city healthier”. It is reported that Sports and Culture Day of the term will be held in Beijing Olympic Park during August 8 to 18 in 2013.

This year is the fifth year after the successful holding of Beijing Olympic Games. As an important content of Beijing ninth-term National Fitness Sports Day, the fourth-Term Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Day will continue to make the Olympic Park Central Area as the main field, with the theme of “Sports makes city healthier”, to organize and carry out seven large parts and more than 40 items of activities including Summer Square for National Fitness, The ninth-Term Beijing International Sports Film Week, “Doing sports, making happiness and health” Olympic education series of activities, Tour of Beijing Cycle Promotion and Riding Activity, Color Running and “Olympic City Cup” Amateur Triathlon Tournament, widely integrating the surrounding Olympic venues, cultural creativity events and more social power, actively attracting the experience and participation of the public on mass sports culture activities, fully promoting health quality, advocating healthy life style, integrating sports into daily life to make sports as city fashion.


It is a public shared fashion sports.

The Summer Square for National Fitness of this year will be held in Celebration Square of Olympic Park Central Area during August 8 to 14. The activity is made up of fashion leisure area, brand culture area, events presentation area, theme active area four large parts, including three -versus-three Players’ Basketball Contest, Cage (type) Football and Park Volleyball three ball-type amateur contests, Children Joy Football Activity, Outdoor Leisure, Rally of National Fitness (communicative displaying areas like climbing, webbing, fishing and fancy skipping) and Polo Contest on Fixed Gear Cycle.

“Color running” activity brought in by Sports Culture Day of the term for the first time is a very popular public fitness activity held on August 10, in the Yuanbo Garden of Fengtai District. At that time, more than ten thousand sports fans enjoy the beautiful garden scenery and share happiness of sports in beautiful Yuanbo Garden. At the same time, committee of Sports Culture Day will hold Cycle Promotion Riding on August 8 to promote the Tour Beijing Professional Road Riding Contest of 2013, improve people's understanding and attention in the Tour Beijing, response to the green environmental protection and civilization travel advocated by Beijing municipal government. The organizer also carries out “Olympic City Cup” Amateur Triathlon Tournament through integrating the field resources of central area of Olympic Park. The contestants need to complete Water Cube Swimming, Riding in the Olympic central area and Running in Bird Nest three contests. This event first creates the linkage model of Water Cube, Central Area and Bird Nest, and becomes a boutique contest held by Olympic Park in long term.

The Summer Square Activity of National Fitness this year integrates leisure, entertainment and athletics into a whole, with easy rules for participation of the public. The contestants include professional teams like Beijing volleyball of male youth, Beijing volleyball of female youth, volleyball team of August first male youth and volleyball team of August first female youth and China teams in universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, also primary and middle school football fans from each district and county and cycle fans across then country and foreign fans. Tourists and citizens can also participate in the events to experience the novel feelings brought by fashion sports while appreciating the wonderful events.


Film feast of sports culture

As the sports culture event since Beijing Olympics was founded—Beijing International Sports Film Week will hold the ninth-Term Beijing International Sports Film Week in the period of Sports Culture Day of the term. The activity will provide an opportunity for sports fans and sports film fans to appreciate China and foreign excellent sports film works, listen to comments of sports film experts, communicate and interact with experts in sailing, climbing, running, cycling and outdoor activities, plays an important role in promoting and spreading China sports film culture, promoting the development of China sports film culture and facilitating the excellent sports film works into the world through open ceremony, “my sports dream” sports videos, the Beijing works collection and appraisal for Milan International Sports Film and Television Festival, displaying of excellent sports film and television works and special topic of outdoor activities and closing ceremony and awards ceremony.


Happy programs of primary and middle school students

During this Sports Culture Day, “Happy Football Activity” is one of the “doing sports makes me happy and healthy” 2013 Beijing Teenage Olympic Education Serial Activities. Students from primary and secondary schools will be organized to take part in 10 “Football Competition” games; they will show their football playing skills and share the happiness of sports. “I do sports, I am happy, and I am healthy” Activity is a precious wealth left from the Olympic Games; it will hold 10 main activities all the year round; they are the theme activities, such as shoot, essay, drawing, primary and secondary PE teachers training, “My Olympic” Teenage Experience Camp, “Direct to Sochi” Olympic Education Winter Camp, Nanjing Teenage Olympic Love Knot Activity. At the same time, there will be 22 diversified teenage sports events, such as the Campus Football, Campus Basketball, Campus Volleyball, Swimming and Mind Sports.


Olympic culture display

International Olympic President, Mr. Jacques Rogge, wrote a letter to Beijing a few days ago. He spoke highly of the “Beautiful Olympic Culture Nagamaki” jointly organized by Beijing Civilization Engineering Fund and Civilization Magazine. He said that “this activity is a pioneering work in the history of Olympic; it chose Beijing as the center and beginning point, chose Olympic Declaration as the carrier to integrate Chinese culture and the world culture, and enriched and promoted Olympic Culture, and developed a new way to promote Olympic”. During this Sports Culture Festival, Olympic Culture Nagamaki will be displayed in Landscape Avenue on August 8 to show its beautiful scenery.

During this Sports Culture Festival, many other large-scale sports culture activities will be held at the same time, such as “My Olympic-the Bird’s Nest 2013 Children’s Sports”, “Brazil Legendary Superstar China contest”, Football Carnival, “the Water Cube Cup” Overseas Chinese Youth Chinese Song Contest and its Awards Ceremony, the fifth Architecture Art Biennial in 2013, “Samba Dancing, Dreaming in China” large-scale Sino-Brazil Culture and Sports Exchange Activity, The World Classic Cartoon Theme Tour, “Air Basketball” Three-man Basketball Contest Held in Wukesong Stadium, etc. Qingdao International Sailing Week, sponsored by Qingdao Olympic Sailing Association, will be one of the Sports Culture Festival activities, which is held outside Beijing, and it will present all the citizens and tourists a culture feast.

In the past five years since the success of Beijing Olympic, Beijing Olympic City Development Association has adhered to the tenet “Inheriting the Olympic Games, Promoting the Development”, established the Olympic City external exchange platform, created Olympic Sports Culture activity brand, formed unique Olympic serial education activity working model in primary and secondary schools by continuous endeavor, exploration and integration. It has also played an important role in promoting the establishment of the city with Chinese characteristics, the development of national fitness activity, the physical and mental overall development of teenagers.

It is August 8 five years ago that the Chinese people realized their hundred-year “Olympic Dream”, and the bloom of Olympic Flower. On the same day five years later, the Chinese people are on the way of their “Chinese Dream”, the Olympic Flower will be in full blossom again

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