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Feel the happiness of fitness in the fourth-Term Beijing Sports and Culture Day

Sina sports information the fourth term Beijing Sports and Culture Day in 2013 will be held in Beijing Olympic Park in the first ten-day period of August this year. Sports and Culture Day in the term further stresses public participation, with the theme of “Fashion•Sports” , sets up sports events like triathlon, park volleyball and teenage football and all citizens walk of healthy Beijing with participation of public citizens to share Olympic achievements with ordinary people and feel the happiness of fitness.

Beijing Olympic City Sports and Culture Day is a large sports and culture festival to memorize the successful holding of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympics Games, inherit the Olympic spirit and promote the development of Beijing sports industry. At present, three terms have been successfully held. Compared with the previous terms, Olympic City Sports and Culture Day of this year has been implanted more interactive activities, presenting multiple features.

Firstly, combined with the occasion where nowadays people love running, the festival is well planned Olympic City Triathlon Tournament, “Healthy Beijing” and National Walking, and combines the Bird Nest and Water Cube for the first time. Triathlon contestants will complete Water Cube swimming, riding in the Olympic central area and running in Bird Nest three difficult movements. Based on introduction of the sponsor, triathlon is open to the society and all fans can sign up to participate. Triathlon Tournament is set for Beijing Olympic City Sports and Culture Day to make full use of the Olympic venues to build China's first Beijing Amateur Triathlon, forming the linkage operation scheme after contest for solving large-scale comprehensive sports venues group and its surrounding squares. The festival is created the linkage model of Water Cube, Olympic central area and Bird Nest to forge a boutique contest held by Olympic Park in long term.

Secondly it has the first introduction of “park football” event. At the appointed time, Shibo International Corporation will unite China Volleyball Association society to launch "China Park Volleyball Tournament ", 8 participating teams with male and female, mainly including each club youth teams of Beijing volleyball of male youth, Beijing volleyball of female youth, volleyball team of August first male youth and volleyball team of August first female youth and China teams in universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, at the same time the fun activities are set. “Park Volleyball" has simple rules, with huge participants group, a sports event with integration of leisure entertainment and fierce competition. At present, the International Volleyball Union and China Volleyball Association are vigorously devoted to popularization and promotion in China.

Finally are sports events of fashion and innovation and rich forms, including volleyball, football, walking, running which belong to the traditional mass events and fashion events like triathlon, suitable for sports fans in various levels.


The sponsor of the activity, President of Beijing Shibo International Sports Events Co., Ltd. expresses that this year we will introduce some special events into Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Day mainly to make these activities depend on Beijing landmark landscapes like Bird Nest, Water Cube and other landmark attractions to promote the participation and appreciation of the activity itself, furthermore, the combination of landmarks in Beijing and national fitness has far-reaching symbolic significance. (

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