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2013 riding activity around Beijing by the whole people is held in Bird Nest on August 8.

International on-line message: On August 8, 2013 when the fifth anniversary of Beijing Olympic Games arrives, the fourth term Beijing Sports and Culture Day as the Olympic city and 2013 cycling contest riding activity around Beijing vocational road by the whole people are held in Celebration Square of Bird Nest stadium. The event is sponsored by the committee of 2013 Beijing riding contest and Beijing Olympic city Development Association, undertaken by Beijing Sports Management Center and Beijing Cycling Association, aiming at further promoting the sports fitness consciousness of Beijing residents in post-Olympics and advocating healthy riding and green travel. Meanwhile, this activity will also declare 2013 cycling contest riding activity around Beijing vocational road enters the last stage.

It is predicted that there will be thousands of riders in the riding activity, then riders will be in uniform activity short provided by the sponsor and will start off from Celebration Square in the west of Bird Nest stadium at 16 o 'clock on August 8 for the 10-kilometer riding activity, and riders will fully enjoy the cycle riding while having a great view of sports and humanities landscape of Beijing Olympic village.

The co-organizer of the riding activity UCC Global Cycle is one of the sponsors of 2013 cycling contest riding activity around Beijing vocational road. The 2013 cycling contest riding activity around Beijing will be held during October 11 to 15, during the contest, UCC Global Cycle will continue to provide cycles for honor riding in front of each contest segment, then more riders from counties and districts of Beijing have a chance to take part in the contest by honor riding to share the passion and glory of the top contest in cycle field. 

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