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Wukesong Basketball Culture Festival is about to be opened. Marbury and Howard will attend the Carnival.

Sina Sports News on July 12 (Beijing)  As one of important activities of the Fourth Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival, the Wukesong Mass Basketball Culture Festival in 2013 will be opened on July 15 in Wukesong Culture and Sports Center.

The Wukesong Mass Basketball Culture Festival lasts from July 15 to August 24, including 3 VS. 3 challenge matches of fight show in Wukesong lasting for more than a month and basketball Carnival on weekends.

3 VS. 3 challenge match of fight show in Wukesong

In order to enable all basketball fans of different ages to participate in the match, the 3 VS 3 challenge match of fight show in Wukesong sets up 5 groups of different ages: age group under 15 years old, between 15~22 years old, between 23~35 years old, a between 36~45 years old, and age group of more than 46 years old. Among them, the age group under 15 years old will be divided into 2 groups: age group between 10~12 years old and age group between 13~14 years old. These two groups will directly compete for the champion and get the awards. The remaining four age groups firstly compete for a group champion in the trial match, and then the four champions of each age group compete for the Grand Champion.

The Group Final of the four age groups and the Grand Final will take place at aerial cage stadium 6 meters high above the ground. BTV will broadcast the five matches, and make a 50-minite feature program to be broadcasted in BTV-6 every Tuesday night from 19:30-20:30. In order to make the matches more interesting, there are several game loops interspersed, such as warm-up questions, skill competition, challenging Star Instructors, lore with three-pointer and so on. Min Lulei (chief coach of Beijing Jinyu men’s basketball team), Marbury (player of Beijing Jinyu men’s basketball team), Howard (famous player of NBA), Xu Jicheng and Yang Yi, famous basketball commentators, will attend as the Star Instructor, instruct players on site and interact with players.

The application for the match has been completed on July 7. A total of 498 teams have applied to compete. There are 4 teams formed by foreigners working in Beijing, 3 teams by Taiwan compatriots and 20 teams by female players. The oldest is 77 years old among the players. The whole match will be started on July 15.

Basketball Carnival on Weekends

During the 3 VS 3 challenge match of fight show in Wukesong, there are also Basketball Carnival activities every Friday (18:30-21:30) and Saturday (15:00-21:30).

The Basketball Carnival establishes interaction zone of basketball game, music appreciation zone and catering leisure zone.

Interaction zone of basketball game consists of two areas: game area of product experience and Min Lulei basketball training camp. In the former game area, people can play many games, such as shuttle run like a flashlight, quick and witty beat and drift, Cross Fire, and interesting ball passing, etc.

In Min Lulei basketball training camp, people can receive 3 VS 3 tactical instructions, listen to exclusive location secrets of star players, participate in parent-child games, receive professional guidance on physical agility, and watch academic training of Min Lulei basketball training camp and so on.

When basketball Carnival starts every Friday, fancy basketball trampoline dunks will be performed in the Min Lulei basketball training camp. Members from JS special dunk performance team, the most powerful special dunk team in China, will jump with amazing height and make many kinds of wonderful and cool dunk actions by means of the elasticity of the trampoline. With additionally various forms of props and performances, they will bring people a visual extravaganza.

On the site of the Carnival activities, professional bands will provide music for entertainment. In front of the stage, fake grass will be paved for people to stand, to lay, to jump, or to sit. People can fully enjoy the joy brought by music.

Naturally, Carnival cannot dispense with delicacy. During the Wukesong Mass Basketball Culture Festival, the yellow submarines dining car, which is honored as “five-star kitchen on wheels”, will appear in the Wukesong Basketball Park. It will provide players and people with many kinds of delicacy, such as pizza, chips, chicken nugget, grilled skewer, and Turkey barbecue. Ice-cool drinks and beer are absolutely necessary in the burning hot summer. Cotton candies that children like best are also provided. On the regional design, catering leisure area and music appreciation area are arranged together. People can enjoy the music while drinking.

The Wukesong Mass Basketball Culture Festival in 2013 is the opening activity of the first-stage project of Wukesong basketball theme park. Wukesong basketball theme park is located in the southwest side of MasterCard Center (original Wukesong stadium), covering the total area of approximately 15,200 square meters. It takes the design of sink style. It is planned that 11 complete basketball courts (5 indoor courts and 6 outdoor courts) will be constructed with1 for 3 VS 3 aerial cage half courts loved by street basketball fans, and 1 supporting complex building comprising bath closets. The park will be built in two stages. The firs-stage project (East Zone) will be opened to the public in the middle of this July. The second-stage project (West Zone) is scheduled to be completed at the end of the year.

Related officials said: the first-stage project consists of 2 complete basketball courts and 1 aerial half court. When it comes into service, it will be free open to individuals until the second-stage project is completed.

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