The 4th Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival 2013 comes to an end


On the night of 18th August, with white screen instead of splendid background, and the panorama for closing ceremony, “My Dream” 10-day Sports Short Film Competition Panorama kicked off in the studio of Chaoyang 1919 Creative Industry Park, to bring a satisfactory end to the 4th Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival 2013.

Such sports as 2013 Beijing Olympic City Triathlon, Park Volley and Happy Football organized during the festival attracted many citizens to take part in. According to incomplete statistics, there were over 50,000 person-times people to join in the Fitness Summer Square activities from 8th – 14th August, and the Olympic Green received tourists and citizens up to 1,050,000 person-times. The Olympic passion was again lit in the Olympic Green five years after the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

On 18th August, the 9th Beijing International Sports Film Week came to end. As a theme activity, the sports films panorama were shown for 42 times in CGV Cinema (Olympic Center); over 100 films drew more than 1,000 audiences and fulfilled a box office nearly RMB 10,000. At the same time, 27 films were shown in Redbull Outdoor Cinema in 7 days, and popular among outdoor enthusiasts and nearby residents with 500 person-times a night and totaling 3,500 person-times. The outdoor public show by the Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio also brought a cool breeze for nearly residents in hot summer.

Another theme activity – the 31st World FICTS Challenge 2012 at Beijing decided 9 sports films like Life at Altitude, Odyssey and Heaven’s Gate for the global finals. The six prize-winning works (gold, silver & bronze) according to the “My Dream” 10-day Sports Short Film Competition will also be shown on the 31st Sport Movies & TV Milan International FICTS Festival.

This Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival firstly integrated resources of the Bird’s Nest, the Water Cube and the Olympic Green, created the public fitness brand of “Beijing Olympic City Triathlon” to provide the sports fans with an opportunity of sports and joy in Olympic venues.

The Color Run in Garden Expo Park made over 10,000 sports fans, among diversified colors, by way of 69 cities in four places across the strait, 128 park garden sceneries of 29 counties from five continents, run with joy and shone vitality.

Such activities in the Fitness Summer Square as the National Fitness Miles, Outdoor Carnival, wrist & tug of war, China Open show, flower stick dance, shuttle cock, diobolo, and amazing Olympic cultural scroll exhibition, highly impressed tourists.

From the Bird’s Nest to the Water Cube, from Olympic Green to Garden Expo Park, the 4th Beijing Olympic City Sports & Culture Festival furnished extensive people with fashion sports and glamorous carnival, brought about funny activities and joyful holiday for primary and secondary students, drew more people to Olympic Green to join in exercise, and added diversified colors and healthy vitality for Beijing as Olympic city.


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