The 9th Beijing International Sports Film Week closed




On 18th August, the 9th Beijing International Sports Film Week closed. The event was jointly hosted by BODA, China Movie Channel SARFT and Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio. by Yao Qingtao and See You in a Decade by Hu Jingqi won golden prizes, Flame Bird by Xu Jun and Dream of Hu Die by Wang Miaoxia won silver prizes, Young Li & Old Li by Tian Bo and Family Story by Zhang Xinyuan attained bronze prizes. The combination of August 8 by Fan Ling and Kinika by Du Hai, as well as the combination of Games Next Week by Zha Shan and Dreams by Li Jian won prizes.

The first, second and third prized works will be shown during the 31st Sport Movies & TV Milan International FICTS Festival.

The above ten films were jointly selected by professional jury composed of Jackie Chen, Huang Jianxin, Zhang Yibai, Shi Xuping and Hu Jianli, champion jury including Zhang Xiangxiang, Mo Huilan, Qian Hong, Sang Xue and Xing Aowei, as well as audience jury.

Since 2015, the Beijing International Sports Film Week has provided extensive sports fans and sports film enthusiasts many chances of appreciating outstanding Chinese and international sports films, listening to comments of experts, and interacting with outdoor specialists inclusive of sailors, mountaineers, runners and cyclists. It has also played a positive role of popularizing and promoting China’s sports films & culture, pushing excellent Chinese sports films & TV programs to the world.

“My Dream” 10-day Sports Short Film Competition adopts the rules of limited time, grouping and theme assigned. Ten young directors made random draws respectively and grouped together with another; then five groups should conceive and produce a feature film and a documentary film within ten days.  


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