2013 Football Teacher Training Accomplished for Primary & Middle Schools in Beijing




Jointly hosted by BODA, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education and British Council, the 2013 Football Teacher Training for Beijing Primary & Middle Schools was held in Capital University of Physical Education and Sport from 26th August to 31st August. During 6-day closed training, 3 football coaches from the FA Premier League gave lectures on football training, teaching and management experience to 40 PE teachers of primary & middle schools in Beijing from 16 districts and counties. Steven Howey, former captain of the Man City took chief coach, Karl Fellows and Drew Canavan from the Aston Villa Football Club took assistant coaches.

As one of the 2013 “Sport, Happiness & Health” youth Olympic education program series, the 2013 Football Teacher Training for Beijing Primary & Middle Schools is an innovative training project carried out jointly by BODA, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, British Council and the Premier League. Since its launching in 2010, coaches from the Premier League have been invited to Beijing to give on-site lectures for 4 consecutive years to 160 football teachers from primary and middle schools in Beijing. The event has benefited nearly 50,000 youngsters, been popular among trainees, and received good feedback.

The “Sport, Happiness & Health” youth Olympic education program is aimed to carry on Olympic spirit and promote youth Olympic education in China. The program, relying on Olympic model schools, Beijing Olympic education – sport backup talents cultivation bases and faculties with traditional sports, is dedicated to popularize sport skills among the young, improve their physique and physical skills, encourage them to attend physical exercise, and make them of sportsmanship like progressive, united and cooperative. In 2013, ten major activities have been planned, including photographing & painting activity, training of PE teachers for primary and middle schools, “My Olympics” youth camp, Olympic education winter camp, the YOG love knot activity; Moreover, such 22 youth competitions have been carried out as campus football, campus basketball, campus volleyball, swimming, mind sports and so on.


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