The Activity “Offer Advice to the BODA Development” is Ended and Some Employees are Honored


To explore and study the future development direction for the BODA, it initiated the activity “offer advice to the BODA development”, combining with mass line education activity held for the party members and cadres.

The activity widely concerned and supported by the employees of BODA, received individual and department’s advice, covering 6 aspects and including 60-plus specific advice. Some of them, focusing on the subject of BODA development, with rich content and strong operability, have reference value for the BODA to make the following development plan. The activity achieved the desired results

To encourage all the participated employees, the BODA established evaluation group and encouraged all the employees to participate in voting. After voting by the group and employees, in total, 1 was reviewed for special prize, 3 were for first prize and 8 were for second prize. The following is the winner list:



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