Beijing 2013 Sportaccord World Mind Games on Network is Started


The “Sportaccord World Mind Games on Network”, jointly hosted by the BOAD and the world’s largest “casual games community platform”( Tencent QQ games), has been started on 1st, November.

The game contains five items, they are bridge, international chess, go, draughts and Chinese chess. The preliminary contest time is November 1st-30th, the semifinal time is December 1st-5th, and the final time is December 15th.

The preliminary contest and semifinal of network game are held on the QQ games platform, and the final shall be held on the Beijing International Convention Center of the Sportaccord World Mind Games site. The net citizens can enter the QQ Game for registering for the game by QQ number.

The game shall provide 260,000 RMB prize money in total and a big prize—an automobile.


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