Wang Anshun Meets with Chairman of the International Olympics Committee



(Beijing Daily) –On the morning of 19th, November, the mayor, Wang Anshun met with the chairman of the International Olympics Games Committee, Mr. Thomas Bach’s group.

Wang Anshun expressed his welcome to Bach for his first time to visit Beijing since he had been elected as chairman of the International Olympics Committee, and introduced the situations about Beijing city and Hebei province jointly bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympics Games. He said, the successful holding of the 29th Summer Olympics Committee promoted the comprehensive progress for Beijing’s economy and society, and the idea of Beijing Olympics Games has become the city development strategy for Beijing. At the beginning of the month, the Chinese Olympics Games officially nominated Beijing for the bidding city of 2022 Winter Olympics Games. We possess advantageous natural conditions, high-leveled sports facilities and infrastructure services, and also a throng of experienced experts and volunteers. We hope that the area development of Beijing city and Hebei province can be mixed together with the Olympics sports development, so that to make more contribution for the popularization of Olympics Games.

Bach said that very glad to know that Beijing can bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics Games, thought, it is just at the beginning, all the Beijing citizens have acted, so Beijing is a powerful competitor.

The deputy chief of General Administration of Sport of China, Yang Shuan and the deputy mayor, Yan Xiaochao accompanied while meeting.


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